12 Best Video Player Apps for Android and iOS

The first video we saw on our phones was in 3GP format, and we had to convert the video into that format so it can play on our phones easily. A lot has improved nowadays, and the video streaming feature has improved, but when you are streaming online, the formats don’t matter, but when we talk about playing the videos on our smartphone.

We face some limitations due to format not being compatible with the built-in apps, so there is no harm in using third-party applications. These apps are very comfortable and provide a rich viewing experience. These apps support all formats and capable of playing video in HD quality, which is hard to run on any built-in app for a smartphone.

They have very distinctive features that provide the user with a comfortable environment. The interface has an interactive and attractive layout. It allows the user to set the controls like forwarding rewind, play pause, gesture control, and some sync with your PC to give you access to that data on your smartphones.

Best Video Player Apps for Android and iOS

Following is the list of application that is fully loaded and capable of providing an excellent user experience in video player aspect.

1. VLC for Android

VLC for Android is a great application that plays different formats of media on cross-platform devices. The app structure is almost like the desktop software for Windows, and the interface is simple to navigate, and the themes are just like the one on the PC.

The open-source feature of the app makes it more convincing, and the tools it contains can do many things with different types of files. The apps include a function of gesture control to forward and rewind the video and control the volume of the window. With no ads and no purchases, VLC for Android has earned its place in the market.

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2. MX Player

MX Player, a simple interfaced video playing application for cross-platform devices. It is intuitive and has a straightforward design that leads to its working module. It has all the features of a video player, which means it can manipulate the bar controls, can run multiple types of files. It is one of a kind, android-platform which supports multi-core editing.

It packs a lot of features, including subtitle support, scrolling, zooming, and changing text size, gesture control, and much more. When newly installed, it gives a guide for the user to see how the tools work and how to load any file. MX Player is free but offers in-app purchases to access more exciting features.

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3. BSPlayer

BSPlayer an interactive interfaced application that plays video in android devices in high quality. The app has a dark theme, which is attractive for the user. It is a standard video player that can play any video file and support all adjustable subtitles. The user has complete control over the app, and all the modules are customizable.

The core feature of the app is that it supports playback files directly form the RAR files without extracting them. BSPlayer elements contain multi-core HW decoding support that increases the speed of playback files, supports kids’ lock that locks the device screen to prevent accidental changes, and external and embedded subtitles formats, including ASS, SRT, and SSA. BSPlayer is free to use and offer ads only.


4. MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer is a fantastic video player application for Android phone, which can play all types of formats. The app is interactive in design and provides the user with full control of the form. Users can manage control according to their ease. It can be adjusted or moved on all sides of the screen. It can play subtitles with formats like RT, SAA, and ASS.

The video files are arrange as thumbnails in the app. Features of MoboPlayer consists of library optimization, multi-subtitles, and multi-audio streams, creating and managing a playlist. It is not free and costs about $5; it is a one-time purchase with no ads.


5. Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player is an exciting free video player app for Android devices. It comes with multiple features and has various functionalities. It delivers uncompromising audio and video experience on your android smartphone. Archos Video Player has a variety of themes, and the night mode theme helps you adjust level while playing your favorite videos.

It supports top-bottom and side-by-side playback mode for 3D TVs. It can easily sync with your Android TV and give you access to many channels via the application. It is free but consists of ads and in-app purchases to unlock additional features and the ability to sync subtitles according to user’s requirements.


6. LocalCast

LocalCast is a multi-platform application and has the same functionality as of AllCast. It is more than just an ordinary video playing app. If we talk about interface, it is very intuitive, smooth, and responsive to the user’s requirements. It includes streaming media that imports from your device to Chromecast, Xbox 360/One, Fire Stick, Apple TV, and Ruko.

It is the only media player app that allows streaming from cloud storage. Users can directly play audio or video file cloud storage, and you don’t have to download it, and it is compatible with DLNA compliant devices. The free version has limited features, but they are accessible with the in-app purchase.

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7. Plex and Plex VR

Plex and Plex VR is a user-friendly video playing application that has two faces one is of the simple video player and other include VR feature and functions. The app is not limited to playing videos and customizing the interface, but it has extended to TV connectivity and syncing with android or Apple TV over Wi-Fi.

The unique feature of the app is that it makes your PC a private server and lets you stream video from your PC to your device, making it useful as a VR player or simple video player. It also has access to the internet, which contains a predefined library of TV shows and the latest movies in HD quality, and it is updated continuously. It comes free and with a $4.99/ month subscription.

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8. Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format is an ordinary video player for Android phones. It has an attractive dark theme and supports all formats of video and audio files. It can access data from anywhere and can easily sync with Android TV. Video Player All Format supports all kinds of video formats and subtitle formats.

Other features of Video Player All Format include Chromecast support, a night mode, privacy folder, and variable speed playback control, among other things like folder lock where your data is protected and not accessible until it is unlocked. Video Player All Format offers ads and also provides an in-app purchase of almost $4 to get rid of the ads.


9. AC3 Player

AC3 Player is an application for Android devise to play media files; it supports all types of media formats and has a distinct interaction feature that helps the user every step of the way. It has all the built-in plugins to run every type of file, and it imports the data into the library and manages it accordingly.

All the controls are provided d to the user, and the user can adjust them or configure them according to its requirements. The tool has a core feature that lets you play the downloaded video in the background anti can also play online video in the background. The app is free to use and offer subscription if you want to get rid of ads and explore additional functions.


10. PlayerXtreme Media Player

PlayerXtreme Media Player is an ordinary video player for cross-platform devices. It support may type of formats and offers the unique feature of TV access, audio playback, and much more. PlayerXtreme Media Player has many features like direct playing without conversion, support all formats, load subtitles of multiple forms, hardware acceleration, gesture control, library customization, high-quality videos support, multi-task support, and many other features.

The interface is user-friendly, and the GUI structure provides a constructive layout, which makes this app extremely pleasant to use. All the videos are played in high quality with no lagging and interference. The application comes free, but if you want to access additional features, check the in-app purchase module.

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11. Torrent Video Player- TVP Free

Torrent Video Player- TVP Free is a free Android application capable of streaming online videos and play video from your phone library. The app interface is tile-based and has a blue unchangeable single theme, but when you review the features, the background theme doesn’t matter that much.

The app includes access to torrents, allows you to video open recently opened videos, and organize the files whenever torrent files show up in the folder. Torrent Video Player- TVP Free enables you to search the extraordinary to uncommon videos and quickly without an extra function. It is free of cost but only contains apps.


12. Video Player Ultimate

Video Player Ultimate is an HD quality video player for Android phones. It gets access from the user device and can also stream online videos. This ordinary looking application not only gives an unforgettable experience but is also easy to navigate and provide the user with every requirement.

When connected to the internet, it automatically detects popular video and audios formats. You can listen to them or watch them whenever you want to. The app gives you an experience of a lifetime.

Video Player Ultimate features hardware acceleration after using its hardware decoding, sleep when using the app, so when you wake up it starts from where you left and provide HD quality, playing gesture, and much more.


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