4 Best Soundboard Software for Windows


Soundboard software are widely used nowadays in music industries, TV shows, live shows, and FM, etc. They are very good to add background sounds to your music, recording, calls or any live shows with just some simple clicks. Sounds may be pre-made or you can put your own recordings in it for the sounds. Some of the software is equipped with a palette function, and you can add multiple sounds in the palette so that you can play any sound with just one click from the palette. With the software, you can also add sounds to your live calls on Skype, Viber, PUBG, DOTA, and many other live calls offering Applications. Using this software. The calls and recordings mean much more, and it is really fun to listen and talk with em! Some of the free soundboard software are given in the list below from which you can choose whichever suits you the best.

1. Desktop Soundboard Builder

Desktop Soundboard Builder is also known as my soundboard and is good to use for both a starter user and a professional user. The software has a feature to search and download sounds in the integrated user interface, and you can then directly select the music from it to be played. It is a small software which weighs only 2 Mbs in size and still it offers you all the best feature a soundboard software can offer you. The software is freeware, and it can be downloaded directly from its official website.


Download: Desktop Soundboard Builder for Windows

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2. Jingle Palette

Jingle Palette is a free soundboard software which is free to download and is pretty easy to use. The software is loaded with features, and you can perform various functions on your audio regarding soundboard. The software supports MP3, MP2, MP1, MPA, OGG and WAV audio files or streams. The user interface is easy to understand and has the feature to keep a lot of soundtracks in the quick load menu so that you can play any sound instantly in a conversation without the need to load it from the start.

Download: Jingle Palette for Windows


3. Death Counter and Soundboard

Death Counter and Soundboard is a multi-function soundboard software which can also be used as an auto soundboard. The Death Counter feature allows you to set the counter for keys and when the count is complete, it will automatically play the assigned sound. This way, you don’t have to switch between your game and any other application to play the sound. You can set the counter to loop or a single time, and it can have multiple counters too. You can also assign hotkeys to it, and it will instantly play the sound whenever you press the hotkey.

Download: Death Counter and Soundboard for Windows

4. Resanance

Resanance is a free soundboard software that allows you to play various sounds on your Windows in just some simple clicks. You can assign hotkeys to different sound after adding them and quickly play any of the sounds by pressing the hotkey. It is exceptional software that works with almost any software or application that accepts audio. The software supports many available audio formats and runs on most of Microsoft Windows versions. The software is freeware and can be downloaded from its official website.

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Download: Resanance for Windows

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