11 Best SMS Blocking Apps for Android and iOS


Every day we are bombarded with lots of text and messages, MMS, and tons of calls that keep asking us to buy something. It is time-wasting and irritating for many users, and frankly speaking, when an unknown number contact you, it feels like a violation of privacy, and you don’t want that person to contact you again, but there is nowhere you can block contact without going through some hectic procedures.

People get tons of subscription messages from different sources and different numbers. It lights up the phone and fills the memory of the phone. There are apps that allow you to block these numbers and help you identify which one you should keep and which one you should avoid. Some apps automatically filter and sort through all the contacts and give you a clean list of contacts. so you don’t have to worry about any spam calls record, and blacklisting feature of these apps solve that problem.

These applications include different types of functionalities blocking unknown numbers revealing caller ID, providing you with the option of attending or blocking a certain number giving manual control over the app, and much more. Here is a list of best-blocking questions that do not require purchase or additional costs.


Best SMS Blocking Apps for Android and iOS

1. VeroSMS

VeroSMS is an application that allows you to block SMS and filter contacts. The app is a different smart modulus. Some of the modules include call blocking at listing whitelisting and various other features. The primary purpose of this application is to prevent the time-wasting calls from telemarketers’ collectors, debt collectors, from people you don’t want to talk to your people who you not know.

It works in a practical way, and the interface of the application is user-friendly. You can easily filter through several messages block them by using crowdsourced data from your region. The whitelist feature of this app also prevents you from accidentally blocking your friends or family.


The interface of the application is very user-friendly and provides on every step. The GUI layout of the app has an attractive theme. VeroSMS is only compatible with iOS devices and contains in-app purchases to access additional features.


2. Call Blocker – Blacklist, SMS Blocker

Call Blocker – Blacklist, SMS Blocker is a smart application that requires no introduction. It only supports Android users and offers the features of call blocking and SMS blocking. The essential purpose of this app is to sort through all the contacts and block the spam caller another irritating call from promotion centers, to block SMS, to configure the app, and avoid spam text or spam calls.

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The application consists of exciting features blocking numbers from the blacklist silently without showing any signal that does not require memory in the phone auto eliminate unwanted spam calls you can manually block any private or unknown number. It saves all block calls and prevents SMS in your log, in case you need to review the record.

Besides these features Call Blocker – Blacklist, SMS Blocker offers an attractive and interactive interface and provides easy navigation and straightforward look. It is free to use, and the in-app purchase feature only removes the ads.


3. SMS Blocker for iPhone

SMS Blocker for iPhone is a specific iOS application that is required to block SMS and spam calls, so you don’t have to waste your time in attending and reviewing unnecessary information. The functionality of the app is straight forward and to the point and contains a lot of features unique for the iPhone.

It supports blacklist and whitelist, blocks text messages by senders’ phone numbers, blocks text messages by words in message content, block test messages by wildcard rule of the phone number, in offline mode your privacy is well protected, and many other functions.

Besides all these functionalities, the core feature of SMS Blocker for iPhone is its interface, which is interactive attractive intuitive, and provides ease to the user. The app is easy to set up but the working takes care of the rest. It is free to use but contains ads, paid version gets rid of the ads and offers additional features.


4. Call Bliss

Call Bliss is an iOS-based application that allows you to block unwanted calls and SMS the critical function of the app is to block calls and SMS from telemarketers and promotion companies. It also blacklists and whitelists all of your contacts, and smart interface helps you in unblocking any recently added contact or any contact of friend that you blocked accidentally.

The functionality of the app is to the point and offer multiple options. It also has a peculiar feature that turns on suppressing all call mode and excludes list mode. The interface of Call Bliss provides easy navigation block all communication accept the secure ones and of those contact whose caller ID is in your phone. The setup configures quickly and easily. The application is not free and costs about $15.


5. SPAM – Block Spam SMS

SPAM – Block Spam SMS is an iOS-based SMS blocking application that requires a few step process to set up and use to its full capabilities. The app allows users to add keywords, and blacklist provides predefined top keywords, so you don’t have to look for other options.

The core feature of the app includes recommendation blacklisting and whitelisting, which separate on existing contacts on your phone. It automatically blocks messages phone calls promotions and other unknown numbers.

The feature of this application allows you to see the caller ID of an anonymous number call and present you with the option of accepting or declining the call. The interface is smart and has a beautiful and straight forward theme. SPAM – Block Spam SMS is completely free and do not contain any ads or purchase.

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6. Spam Hound

Spam Hound is one of the most excellent looking application that has a unique feature of blocking spam messages and calls that don’t have caller ID. With the help of this application, you don’t have to waste time deleting spam messages that can cause irritation and disruption in the workflow.

It is an essential anti-spam tool for that user who is very active in instant messaging and calls. The interface of this tool is very user-friendly and provides terms of functionalities. The primary features consist of creating unlimited quantity of spam blocking filters, fine-tune filter using flexible rules, filter SMS and MMS using a blacklist, filter messages from unknown numbers, spam messages links, no internet connection required.

The interactive infrastructure includes all the necessary functions for the user to have a smooth and excellent experience. Spam Hound is free of cost and offers no ads on purchases.

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7. Hiya Caller ID and Blocker

Hiya Caller ID and Blocker is a call and SMS blocking an application that works on both iOS and Android platforms. The key features of the app are to sort your contacts, which you do not recognize and which are mostly from telemarketers add other promotion agencies.

It is a unique app used for blocking calls but includes SMS blocking too. It can easily block unsaved numbers, can identify the caller ID, secure provider line of contact, reverse phone lookup, give you better contact information, and the customer support of this application provides 24/7 services and so on.

The best part of this application is its interface, which is straightforward and has an attractive GUI structure, which is easy to navigate, configure it according to your requirement, and it will take care of the rest. Hiya Caller ID and Blocker are entirely free and do not contain any add auto-sync with apple watch. You will need the premium version.

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8. BlackList

BlackList is another SMS and call blocking an application that runs on the Android platform and carries tons of functionalities. The main work of this app is to block calls and SMS using the blacklist module. The user has complete transparency of the caller, whether it is a telemarketer, or old friend, or just another spam call.

The core feature of this application includes making calls and SMS using blacklist block unknown numbers lock private hidden figures range of numbers, blocking SMS from alphanumeric numbers, block SMS text, and much more.

The interface of the app has a smart design, and the navigation aspect does not have any issue in configuring the app. BlackList is free to use but contain ads and offer in-app purchase to access additional features.


9. Block Text, SMS & MMS, Spam Blocker – Key Messages


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Block Text, SMS & MMS, Spam Blocker – Key Messages is one of the smart SMS, and call blocking application runs only on Android devices. The app has a constructive structure and has key functionalities that benefit the user in preventing spam messages calls unwanted text, calls, and MMS without any hustle.

It is an award-winning application that includes tons of features like automated functions that provide ease on every step of the setup. A vital element of this application contains text blocking, backup, and restore without duplication, organized SMS, doctor, and SMS charge counter, which helps save you a lot of money. MMS compatible dual sim function how to search high performance, and the list goes on.

The interface includes user-friendly modules, attractive dark theme, clean and comfortable navigation, and all the customer support you will require. Block Text, SMS & MMS, Spam Blocker – Key Messages comes with ads but offer in-app purchase, which eliminates the ads and unlocks few more exciting features.


10. SMS Shield

SMS Shield is one of the fancy SMS filtering applications on iOS devices and contains many options of blocking and filtering spam calls the irregular phone and text messages activity on the device. The app has a beautiful interface that allows the user to interact on full-scale and provide guidance on every step.

The GUI structure of the app has a beautiful and smart layout with a white theme that attracts the user. The reason this application different from others is that it contains an AI structure that allows the tool to spam the text or call before it reaches the phone. It is a different level from entering keywords manually, but it doesn’t stop you from having manual control over the interface.

Another feature of SMS Shield contains Traveler mode, which allows the application to block spam messages from your current region. The application demands after one week trial, $1 per month, and you can have a subscription for $6 per year.


11. Truecaller

Truecaller is a top-rated application which has a functionality of blocking caller ID spam SMS and calls. It works by blacklisting method, which allows the app to separate your installed contacts from outside contacts and let the user see the ID when he gets a text or calls from an unknown number.

It is a complete phoning app which is available on both Android and iOS devices. It has millions of users and blocks any contact you don’t want on your phone. Truecaller works user sync details, which allows you to find the unknown caller and block it if the user wants. The smart SMS feature helps you with no messages and promotion messages from any part of a region you are staying in.

The tool has made the communication process more transparent and trustworthy for its users. The interface has a bright look and straight forward functionalities, which are easy to navigate. The app contains ads and offers purchases to unlock additional features and to remove the ads.

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