Best Reverse Number Lookup Apps for Android

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Nowadays, many people use mobile devices, and all of them don’t use it for a good cause. Mobile devices have been widely used for irritating people by calling them with an unknown number or just for sending spam messages which disturbs a lot. Many other reasons are there by which you can be disturbed with your mobile device. For all of the spam-related problems, some apps are available on the internet which can help you get out of this mess easily. This type of apps are called reverse number lookup apps and what these apps do is that they give you the data of any caller who is calling you even if that number is not saved in your devices memory or SIM Card. Also it can filter spam messages and you get a clean and safe message thread which consists only on your impotent contact messages. Additional feature provided by this kind of app is that you can use it as a blocker and block incoming calls or messages from any specific number. A list of reverse number lookup apps s given with their related data, choose any of your liking from them and download right away.

10 Best Reverse Number Lookup Apps for Android

1. True Caller

True Caller is about the best Caller ID tracking app around the world. The app has about 250+ Million registered users, and it can instantly give you information about anyone calling you. AS soon as you receive a call, the app looks through its user database and it is a no registered in its database, you will get all the info about the user. You can block spam messages and calls directly through the app whenever you receive a spam call or message. This app can also be used as an instant messenger and a call recorder as well. You can share location, flash messages, GIFs, emoji’s and statuses with your friends. There are many other features of the application which can be studied by visiting the applications Google Play Store page. Link to applications Google Play store page is given.



2. Truth Finder

Truth Finder is an interesting app which makes you an FBI inspector in itself. Well, to be precise, it can give you all the background data like Do they have a lengthy criminal record? What is their current address? How old are they, really? Do they own any properties? About anyone you know. The app can save a lot of your time if you have to look through anyone’s background if they have any kind of criminal background or something. It is not limited to just background finding, you can also use it for Basic Background Checks, Criminal Background Checks, Reverse Phone Lookup and Email Searches including much more. In free version, you can only pull some basic info about the victim and after purchase, all the confidential data will be shown to you.

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3. Reverse Lookup – Caller ID and Block

Reverse Lookup – Caller ID and Block is also an app for finding info about unknown numbers or even the one you know about. The application automatically shows you all the available data about any caller as soon as you receive a call. The app is loaded with features related to ID tracking, and you will be happy to know that it has a location tracking system. You can track anyone’s location when on call without even leaving the call and Catch any cheater. One more upper hand to this app is that it does not need any account or registration to work, stay anonymous and use it as soon as it gets installed. A lot of more unusual features are available in this app.


4. Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App

Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App is a Caller ID Tracking app which is awarded an Editor’s Choice. The app is best in its field, and lots of people use it getting satisfying results. The app has not been launched since long, but it has broken a wide no or leading apps and came to the top. The app has many features for tracking a caller ID, and with a database which has more than 1 billion numbers registered in it, you are sure to find whichever number you are finding. Automatic call ID tracking is also available in this application as well as blocking calls and SMS also has been enabled in this app for users’ convenience. It also has an offline database engine which can identify numbers even when you are offline.


5. Showcaller – Caller ID, Call Blocker & Tracker

Showcaller – Caller ID, Call Blocker & Tracker, is an app which is straightforward in work but loaded with many other features if you want to use them. After the app has been installed, you don’t have to do anything, it will automatically get all the data of a caller who is calling you, and then you can take actions if you want like mark it as spam, block it or make it your favourite. IT shows you the caller ID as well as the location of the user while on call. The app has an offline database which means it can give you data on the callers even when you are offline. However, location is not available in offline mode. It is a dialer app and you can also use it as a call recorder app. Fully functional, responsive, fast and free app in your grasp.

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6. Real Caller: CALLER ID & REVERSE Number LOOKUP

Real Caller: CALLER ID & REVERSE Number LOOKUP is a simple app with a not so futuristic user interface but the app is good in work ad low in size. The can easily track an incoming callers ID and you can perform all the functions like spam it, bock it or just record call. You can also reverse lookup any number by just entering the name of the user, the results will be shown instantly as you enter the name of the user. The pin point is that to find a specific user, you need to have his exact name spelling typed in the search field, then there’s a high chance you may find one whoever you are looking for.


7. Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Hiya – Caller ID & Block is a good app to be used for both Caller ID tracking and blocking numbers. The app has a great database behind the scenes and it has numerous users and numbers registered I it. You can find data on caller ID with it manually or even automatically if anyone calls you. It automatically blocks all the spam calls and messages so that you can stay at peace with disturbing messages and calls. A very simple and straightforward app for your purpose. This app does not have a lot of features but it excels in the field it works. You can find this app on Google Play store and it is free to download and use.


8. Pipl

Pipl is an online website which is accessible by any device you own and its registered user database is vast. You can instantly search for any individual in in from anywhere around the world by name, contact, and email or even location. The app website is totally secure and all the data it provides is mostly accurate. It is linked with all the popular social websites and whenever an individual is found but the given data, it shows all the linked profiles of that user on every social app he or she has registered. The website is live at all times and it always gives you the latest data on anyone you search fetched by all the websites the user has linked. Locations, phone numbers, emails, linked accounts, all can be found in one place.

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9. Reverse Lookup

Reverse Lookup is a totally anonymous app for those who don’t want to reveal their identity to anyone but want to know theirs. As most of the popular caller ID tracking apps requires registration to be operated, it also makes em viable to give your data to others as you get others data. But this app does not require any kind of login or registration and you are totally hidden from all search engine while using this app. You can get all the data you want on any person in it if the data base have him/her registered already. The app is designed to work in U.S state and has limited service in other parts of world


10. Caller ID, Calls, Phone Book & Contacts: Eyecon

Caller ID, Calls, Phone Book & Contacts: Eyecon is another professional level caller ID tracking app which allows you to get data on anyone calling or messaging you. The app automatically tracks the ID of the one calling you and give you all the data available on that specific caller. This app is also synced with Facebook, twitter and some other social apps and you will get all the data about the websites on which the user has registered with that number. The app is a high end professional grade app which has an engine that keeps on learning about you and the more you use it, the more you will be comfortable with it as it adjusts itself to your needs. Many eye-catching features are available in this app and you can get it free from Google Play Store.


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