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Weather affects our lives on a daily bases, and it can greatly impact on our special routine functions like parties, meetings, travel or any occasional function. If you plan any event which holds emotional or professional values for you in ahead of your time, and you don’t have any idea how the weather will turn on, it can ruin your function relentlessly, and you know well. The time doesn’t come back. So, for this and many more professional level purposes, the weather forecasting software are made, and you can get an idea about the weather for upcoming some days in it with about 70 accuracies. With this, you can have a track of weather and plan your event accordingly so that it may not be thwarted by weather. Some of the software which are used on a global level can give you about a 90% accurate data on future climate. The software which are used for this task are easy to download and install now as we have found a list of them which is given below. You can see the main features of the software in the list and visit the official websites for all the data. Download the software and get your time worth.

1. Earth Alerts

Earth Alerts is a highly loaded Windows-based software which allows you to monitor a variety of natural hazard events that are occurring anywhere around the world in real-time. The software has a notification feature which enables it to inform the user in case of any change in weather. You can get the information about any specific phenomena like earthquake, tsunami, and cyclones given any particular location in it, just describe it what you want, and it will give you data accordingly. The software is also beneficial for starters and is very easy to understand as well as the license of the software is freeware.


2. sWeather

sWeather is a software by Skwire Empire which is very lightweight and works fine for what it is designed for. The software can be used as a tray while minimized which is giving you the wither results in real-time for a specific location. Being lightweight makes it very great as the user can do multitasking easily while this software stays active in the background without affecting the overall performance of your PC. The new updates keep coming at regular intervals, and the developers are adding new features with every update. The link to download the freeware is given.


3. Weather Agent

Weather Agent is simple application software which allows you to keep an account of weather in real-time. The software needs some directions by users like location, and the temperature type (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and some more to give the information about the weather. It gives many details of the current weather like pressure, humidity, cloud coverage and wind speed. The software also has a forecast feature which can forecast weather of about 16 days. This way, you can plan ahead of your current events before time like meetings, parties or a holiday.


4. Weather Mate

Weather Mate is a great application to know weather and it has info about thousands of places from around the world. It can give you instant information about the weather of any registered location with high precision and some additional info like the pressure of the atmosphere, humidity in the air, wind pressure, wind speed and the actual feeling of weather. The program is low in size and can be run on very slow PCs without much problem, and it is pretty lightweight that it doesn’t affect workloads even the slowest of PCs much.


5. YoWindow

YoWindow is a good companion for your weather-related work as it is loaded with features and is very light in weight to work with. The info on the weather is mostly accurate, and additionally, you can know about many additional weather phenomena’s like cloud coverage, rain forecast, heavy wind forecast, hail forecast and many other related phenomena’s. The software can also tell you about the real feel of temperature. The time scroll function of this software is also very amazing as you can know the detail of weather for any minute. This is a freeware, and you can download it from the given link.


6. Easy Weather

Easy Weather is a simple app by Ambient Weather Corporation which is quite a handy app as it lets you see the weather in real-time. The software is quick in work and gives you an instant analysis of data which is retrieved from a large server of the company. The server holds the data for every location, and it is updated every minute, this way, every forecast you get, is the latest one, and you can depend on it. The app is free to download and install and the link to download it directly is given.


7. Rain Meter

Rain Meter is a desktop customization tool which is multipurpose as it lets you view the performance of your PC in real time. You can arrange the icons in the fence view, and it is always showing you the resources used by your PC and weather reports in real time. The files can be arranged in various ways and are easily accessible at any time you need them. It also provides the user with multiple skins which makes the desktop more attractive and comfortable for the user. The software is freeware and the link to download it is given.


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