10 Best Free STEP File Viewer for Windows


The generation has drastically changed over the previous 10 years. It has advanced in technology so much now that the 3D object can be made and printed digitally. At first, it was not possible for the people to draw a 3D object using their home held device, but now, so many software are available with the help of which, you can create a 3D object in your home.

Although there is a lot of software available, most of the top-ranking software are very expensive and are out of reach of an average person like AutoCAD. This is why we have provided you with a list of free software that will help you create and open any 3D object (STEP) file with ease.

These free software can be run on most of the devices like Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, etc. You can easily draw a 3D object in the software and can open any STEP file which was made in any other software. Check out the list given below.


Best Free STEP File Viewer Software for Windows

1. GOM

GOM Inspect is a simple software which is not heavily loaded with features and is easy to run on low hardware PCs. The software can View STEP files and also lets you edit those files in the integrated user interface. This feature allows the user to make some changes to its STEP file.

This software also allows the user to create STEP files from scratch and can make triangular objects. This is a handy software for veterans. GOM Inspect is a freeware and can be downloaded free from its official website.


Download: GOM for Windows

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2. VariCAD

VariCAD is also a multi-functional STEP file supportive software. It has a bunch of features to work with and is very easy to operate. The software does not only supports and views files of STEP Format, but it also has integrated support for many other file formats.

The variety of functions in this software exceeds the average range of features and has features like Solid Calculating Data Material. The Solid Calculating Data Material lets you calculate the Mass, Volume, Inertial moment and units like Surface Area of a 3D object and many more useful features are available in this free software.

Download: VariCAD for Windows

3. Geomagic Verify Viewer

Geomagic Verify Viewer is a simple yet feature-rich viewer application based on Geomagic Verify that lets you view the results of inspections create in verify including deviation color maps, tolerances, and dimensions.

With the help of this solution, you can also be able to annotate and measure distances angles as well as verify inspection results and any point cloud, mesh, or CAD model. There is also has a feature that allows you to open every popular 3D scanner file format that makes it better than others. Compared to all the other similar verify viewer solution is that Geomagic Verify Viewer offer quite simple and easy to understand interface where you access it’s all tools and features.

Download: Geomagic Verify Viewer for Windows


GMSH is a free and open-source 3D finite element mesh generator that comes with a built-in CAD engine and post-processor. It is designed to deliver fast, lightweight, and user-friendly meshing tools with all the leading features and advanced visualization capabilities.

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The software is built around four different modules, such as geometry, solver, mesh, and post-processing, that make it a comprehensive solution. GMSH’s interface is quite impressive based on classic-looking Window split into two panels for activating modules and for viewing the generated 3D mesh.

Download: GMSH for Windows

5. En Suite-View

En Suite-View is free and easy to use CAD viewer software that allows you to visualize models and assembles while including a range of useful tools. It is a comprehensive solution that comes with all the leading tools and allows you to view almost all CAD formats, including CATIA V4 and GCR, etc.

En Suite-View also allows you to perform batch translations, compare parts, measure distances compute mass properties. Its user-friendly interface makes you work a lot easier and allows you to access it’s all tools without any limit easily.

Download: En Suite-View for Windows

6. gCAD3D

gCAD3D is a straightforward but versatile software which supports various formats of 3D visual files. The user can view STEP, Iges, VRML, DXF, SVG and some other file types using this software. This software is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Creating a professional 3D visualizations is fast and comfortable in this software, and it offers many formats to export the generated files. Importing other STEP files and editing them in this software is very satisfying. This is a freeware and can be used on low spec PCs.

Download: gCAD3D for Windows

7. GLC Player

GLC Player is a multi-functional freeware STEP file viewing software that is used to Create, View, Edit or alters STEP Files. The software can create 3D Visualizations In various formats like COLLADA V1.4, 3DXML V3 & V4 (Ascii), OBJ, 3DS, STL (Ascii + binary), OFF and COFF format.

The software is beneficial for professionals because it has many handy features to help to create big projects in relatively less time with precise perfection. The features included in this software cannot be described in some words, so the best thing is to try it for yourself.

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Download: GLC Player for Windows

8. STL View

If you’re looking for a simple software for STEP files viewing then this one is the thing for you. It is made simple, and the features are pretty fundamental to use. This software is not a heavy software and does not weigh your hardware; this is why it can be run on both PC and Android platform. You can perform many basic functions like changing the camera directions and changing the colour of the object.

Download: STL View for Windows

9. Open 3D Model Viewer

Open 3D Model Viewer is an Open-Source productivity tool for 3D designers, 3D printing enthusiasts and game programmers. The software is available for free and can be edited as user specifies for its use. Being Open-Source makes it much more reliable than other softwares because you can increase its functionalities the way you want. The software can view, edit and create STEP files and various other formats.

Download: Open 3D Model Viewer Windows

10. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a parametric 3D module creator which is similar to much other software on the list. The user can create realistic real-life objects in it by using its vast features library, and the project will be complete in a matter of days instead of weeks.

The software is relatively fast from much other software in this list and is equipped with many useful features. Also, the user can view and edit a STEP file in its GUI Interface and can also save it in multiple different formats.

Download: FreeCAD for Windows

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