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PSD is an Adobe Photoshop save file extension. The files made and edited can be saved in this format to open in Photoshop specifically. Because the files have been created in Adobe Photoshop, the files are very adequate in features and are very versatile to be edited. So, some people there cannot afford the Adobe Photoshop software because it is so expensive, they just download some other softwares which supports PSD format and are free. The PSD file is downloaded, and then it is opened in the software to be edited. These software have many features similar to Adobe Photoshop and are free so that the user can modify any data in the file through software. In these software, the user can perform many primary actions like editing, cropping, layered pic edit, background change, RGB editing and much more. Free cutting like lasso function is also available in some of these softwares. Most of the time, these free softwares are used on the systems of the average level editors, and they can be used in the home for anyone to perform simple edits on any pic. The software are free and are not very heavy, so they mostly support many systems even with low specs.


GIMP is a free open-source raster graphic editing software which is loaded with features. The software can be used to alter GIF’s, Create free-form Drawings, Drawing animations and much more. It has a simple user interface which is easy to understand for new users as well as professional users. You can also use it to convert various types of image formats like JPG,PNG, JFIF, TGA etc. So if you are looking for more than GIF creating or speed changing, go for this one, it can do a lot more work for you. It is available on Mac OS, Linux and Microsoft Windows.


2. Artweaver

Artweaver Free is a free software which lets you open and edit a .psd file in its user interface. The software has many basic options to edit your file and you can also use it to open many other format type files. Artweaver has support for vst, .bmp, .jpg, png, .gif, .ora including .psd and many other formats. The simple functions like Cropping, Coloring, Erasing and some other can be performed in this version of software while for full functionality, you have to purchase the software.


3. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is freeware graphics editor for Microsoft Windows. It is useful for the adjustment of picture graphics. It is free photo editor software that runs window. It supports plugins such as 3Dshapes. It is a tool that can also be used for Cropping, Converting Image, Resizing, or Erasing. It is a free manipulation software that allows adding extra effects and themes. Exciting tools are given in the latest version like change text color changer, Picture graphic changer, cool presentation. It readily supports PSD files and is good to work with them. Converting photo is also a possibility with this software and it supports various formats readily.


4. PhoXo

PhoXo is a simple to use program that comprises multiple effects and image adjustments, ASCII art, batch watermark, and more. The clean and intuitive interface of PhoXo provides easy to understand options and configuration settings. The program contains a library of clip art, numerous effects, and frames to enhance the image. You can add text, crop, and rotate images, draw shapes with a paint brush or pen, zoom in or out, make different types of selections and more. For image adjustments, tweak the levels for hue, brightness, saturation, contrast, borders, color tone, and canvas size. Apply watermarks to different images in batch mode and save them to multiple formats. Apply multiple layers to your images according to your preferences. Add new layers and hide the existing ones or make them transparent. The software supports PSD format and can be used as a photo conversion too which support various formats.


5. PixBuilder Studio

PixBuilder Studio is a simple and powerful application that allows you to edit the images in your system or design new ones from scratch. The clean interface of PixBuilder Studio helps you to import photos into the working environment through the built-in browser or drag & drop method. You can edit your photos using a large range of tools including brush, pencil, and eraser. You can insert ellipses, lines or rectangles, and fill the chosen areas with different colors. The built-in text editor helps you to customize the text regarding font, font size, style, alignment, and color. Measure the distance between work, objects with multiple layers, flatten the images, flip or crop the images, and rotate or resize the items. The program works with JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO, PSD, PCX, and TIFF formats. You can export the photos to the same file format.


6. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro helps you to create, manipulate and publish photo files with the help of professional tools. The pretty standard interface of Photo Pos Pro is difficult to use for the first time. The application enables you to create a photo collage, add a frame to a photo, remove red eye, utilize the clone brush to remove an unnecessary object, and create a greeting card. Work with multiple options to enhance the pictures, count inserting a new object in an image, create a neon sign, and create a flame effect and film artwork design. Also add vector objects, watermarks, and effects. Apply different filters such as sharpen, reduce noise, morph, blur, and edges to enhance your images. Send a powerful message with your photos, and use multiple effects such as wave, spin, metalize, star dust, metalize, and perspective. Create layers, batch convert and resize photos, add frames and scripts, and turn your designs into HTML pages.

7. Pixia

Pixia is a raster graphics editor which is a freeware editor program. This program has features like Transparency Effects, Multiple Layers, Standard file format and RGB file formats and fully supports PSD file format. Pixia is one of the most appealing and capable software as Photoshop alternatives. It is raster graphics software and is specially made for managing graphical files. It’s user-friendly interface of painting software is fully optimized coloured graphics, and any individual can use it easily. Above all, the software is freeware and is readily available on the internet.


8. Krita

Krita is open source raster graphics editor designed to be used by both the professional and simple user. The software is totally free software. Tool panel of Krita is Customizable and is known as DOCKER. Actions of Krita include; Buttons to Collapse, Group Docker by tabs and very much more to explore. G’MIC filters are built-in in Krita. It also saves my files including PSD, TGP and various other formats. It is based on the KDE Platform. It specially designed to be a digital painting application. This Panting Application adjusts to your need with its bold interface on your PC. It is readily available on the Internet.


9. Paintstar

Paintstar was a paid software but now it is distributed as a freeware worldwide. The software keep its quality at the top rate even at being free. Its user interface is clean and simple yet it has so many features to work with. The PSD file are readily supported in this software and can be altered as user specifies. Some of the features are Speed Sensitivity support, large images (5000×5000 pixels) support, Improved fill speed, Morph Maker improvement and many more.


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