Best Free Playlist Creator Software for Windows


We often listen to music to improve our moods. We like to listen to music of our choice, some like pop, some like electro and some like classical. The playlist feature allows us to add all the songs of our decision to a list because of which we do not have to choose songs again and again to play. These software can create a list of songs which we like from many possibilities like adding songs by genre, artist or an album. Then the user can play those playlists of their favourite song or any multimedia at any time on any supported player and enjoy their time. Creating a playlist in these software is very easy, you can add songs by folder or you can add them one by one so that some specific songs will be in play sit and be played as order.

1. Music playlist creator

The software is made by Microsoft and is freely available on its official website. The software is an auto playlist making software which automatically scans your PC for multimedia and creates a playlist in all folders. This software is quite handy if you want to play songs in your car and your car only allows you to pick folders which has songs in it. Music playlist creator is a free software and can be easily downloaded from Microsoft windows store.



2. M3U Forge

M3U Forge is a simple playlist creating software which is written in python. Its coding is done in such a way that it gets your work done in a very flashy fast and accurate way. The software can create playlists by genre, album or artists. With this, you can listen to your favorite Singer, Album or Genres with just some simple clicks. The software can readily be downloaded freely and does not take much space in your PC to operate. It operates only on Windows.

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3. List Fix

List fix is a playlist fixing software which is very useful because some users doesn’t like their playlists to be messed up. The software searches for the Moved, Renamed or Deleted Songs and Fixes your playlist by researching those songs and adding them again in your playlist. By this, your playlist is always accessible and good to use. The software is free and can be downloaded from any website, just search for it on google and download it. Available only on Windows.


4. Pot Player

Pot Player is one of the top ranking players which even competes with players like V LC, Codec and KMP. The software is a low resource consuming software and still, is loaded with many features. You can Create, Edit and save Playlists in It easily and access them without any problem. Like most of the other top-ranking players, this software is also free and can be easily downloaded from its official website.

5. DJ Jhonny playlist builder

DJ Jhonny playlist builder is a great playlist builder and is loaded with features. The software can create playlists in M3u format, and you can edit the playlist while its being played too. The Software is a free to use Software and is available on its official website. It also has a playlist recorder which is very unique in most of playlist making software. You can record multiple songs from your playlist and say, you created your own track.

6. Random Playlist Creator with Genres

Random Playlist Creator with Genres is a free to use software which allows you to create and edit playlists in a GUI format. The software is pretty easy to use and readily available on the internet. Random Playlist Creator with Genres can Create Playlist depending upon Genres which you select. You can choose Songs by Genres, and the software automatically searches for songs of that Genre and adds them in the queue. You can then add whatever songs you like from them to the playlist.

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7. Music Picker

Music Picker is free to use software which is used to create playlists in an organized way. The software is low resource consuming and gives you premium quality so that you can depend on it while multitasking. The software can also play songs instead of just adding them and create a playlist. You can add songs by folders of if being specific; you can find add songs one by one to create your personal playlist.

8. S Playlist Maker

S Playlist Maker is also a playlist creator software which gives you the feature of drag and drop function. You can just drag and drop folders or song and get your thing ready. The software offers a GUI interface which is easy to use for any individual. The software is a freeware and is low sized so that the user can download it freely and fastly. Unlike some other players, the software asks you about the extension of playlist while you are creating it and saves it securely.


9. W7 Video Playlist Creator

W7 Video Playlist Creator is a video playlist creating software for windows seven. The software creates a playlist which is accessible from windows media player. The playlist is useful to play back to back your videos without selecting them again and again. The freeware software is updated frequently and consume fewer resources. Queue up your videos to keep the file you want to be played at the top. Download it free from Google.

10. J.River Media Jukebox

J.River Media Jukebox is a media player and a audio tagger. It is a multimedia application. It allows the user to play and organize music files. It provides four different user interfaces for different uses. The first user interface is a Standard view which accesses portable players and access web media. It consists of many components, such as Header, Playing now, Tagging panes, and Action window. Second user interface Theater view, it is used to work on a large screen. Two more user interfaces are mini view and accessing web media. It is a free software.

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11. Playlist Creator

Playlist Creator, as simple as it sounds. The software follows the Unix formula which comprehends that one software for one purpose. The software can easily and fastly create a playlist and user can save it in multiple formats. Playlist Creator also have a playlist edit feature so that you don’t have to create a whole new playlist every time you are to add one or more songs to the list. It can also merge your playlists and create new list which includes all the media from both playlists.