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Best Free PDF Printers is the list of specific applications specially designed to create PDF from any printable file. These applications enable you to easily create PDF files. All these PDF printer applications are free of cost and you can easily download them for your Windows computers. These applications provide many important features such as facilitates you to create PDF files of different resolutions, create PDFs from MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, create PDF files from print command or using drag & drop option, add headers and footers, encryption, digitally sign PDFs, set passwords, watermarking, and add information to PDF files like author, title, keywords, and subject. Most of these applications are available on your computer as virtual printers.

1. PDFCreator

PDFCreator is a lightweight and simple application which install a virtual printer that is helpful for you to create PDF documents directly from the context menu. It is an ad-supported program that offers you to install PDFForge toolbar. The application can create documents in the PDF format, but you can also choose PCX, PNG, JPEG, EPS, OS, TIFF, SVG, PCL, PSD, RAW, and BMP as output formats. In addition, you can combine different documents into one pdf file and protect it using password protection. This program facilitates the user to use multiple options like use multiple printers, use multiple profiles, email a PDF, create documents through the command line interface, and change its behavior in the setting menu such as run a program or a script after saving, use auto-save print after saving, and set program font.

2. PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF is a simple to use software application which enables you to create PDF files from any printable document and set up passwords and permissions for your documents. The application facilitates you to convert your printable file into a Portable Document Format file with just a few clicks. The interface of PrimoPDF is user-friendly which allows you to quickly customize the running settings of the app. You have the facility to simply drag and drop files on the app’s desktop icon for further procedure. Moreover, you can select the necessary dimensions, edit the security details and PDF’s properties. A “Custom” option can help you to select the coloring for the generated files. You can also create a Portable Document Format file by hitting the Print button in your Windows applications. It is installed on your computer as a virtual printer.


3. Print to PDF

Print to PDF is a free and handy software application that you can use to take the PDF file and convert it to a printable format. The application has a high compatibility factor and offers support for extensive Windows OS platforms like Window XP, Window 7, and Window 8. So you have the facility to write or create PDF document without any difficulty. The interface of Print to PDF is super-intuitive which is quite easy to use. The application is useful to print a large range of documents into PDF such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, WordPad, or simply any printable document. You can use this application for both commercial and personal use. Print to PDF uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a fast response time.

4. PDFlite

PDFlite is a free and comprehensive PDD application that has the facility to convert and print any file to PDF. The application has a simplistic design which mainly focuses on your documents. So you have the possibility to view PDF files easily and quickly using some common features like print, zoom, search, and a fast web browser plugin. So you can convert Word document, docx, or any image file to PDF. Just load up the original file in your normal viewer and print it using this app, then create a PDF image of the document. In this way, you have the ability to create any author PDs in your favorite word processor or publisher. The application is available in multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, and many others.


5. Solid PDF Creator

Solid PDF Creator is a reliable software application that enables the user to create PDF files easily from any Window based application. It does not contain a dedicated interface, but you can access through the “Print” button present in many Windows programs on the applications market. Solid PDF Creator is the best application for those who want to convert a Microsoft Office document to PDF. By clicking the “Print” option you will get a print screen that allows you to adjust the output PDF document using available options like font, headnote, dimensions, and footnote text. Moreover, this program provides you the opportunity to create PDF documents that are compatible with ISO 19005-1 architecture standards and provides document information like subject, title, author, subject and keywords. It contains plenty of settings for security like various encryption levels and specific password fields for both owners and users. Moreover, you can block editing, copying, printing, and comments editing.

6. PDF4Free

PDF4Free is a straightforward software application that lets you create PDF documents from any printable file present on your computer and edit metadata quickly. It can work with every single application that supports printing on Windows systems. It provides useful information with the document like title, author, keywords, and subject, as well as the fonts used for creating the file. The application has a relatively new approach and it is installed on your system as a printer driver. It does not contain a dedicated interface and you can only take advantage of this program by hitting the print button in any program and choose it. PDF4Free not only allow you to create your own PDF but it can convert any existing file to this particular format.

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7. WinPDF

WinPDF is a high-quality virtual printer that lets you convert your files to PDF. It is installed on your system as “Easy PDF Creator”. All you require to do is “print” the file you need to convert to PDF, regardless if it is an image or a text format. The application provides you many interesting options like scale the file to fit the page, select an orientation, choose a page size, define a picture quality, and set margins. You have the ability to save the PDF to any directory by simply browsing your computer if you don’t like the default folder. The resulting documents support embedded images, hyperlinks, tables, math formulas, and any type of symbols. Moreover, you can encrypt your data and add a password for protection. Another interesting feature of WinPDF is the ability to convert many files at once by choosing the bunch of files and printing them at once. But, you have to name each file individually for saving.

8. RonyaSoft PDF Printer

RonyaSoft PDF Printer is a lightweight software application that enables the user to create PDF files out of printable files. The application works as a virtual printer and the created PDF files are fully searchable and are compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader. RonyaSoft PDF Printer provides you the facility to create PDF files on the breeze. Moreover, you can export any file to PDF file format from third party program using the printing function. You have to access the ‘Print’ mode and use the application as your preferred printer. You can complete the task carefully by specifying the filename and file path. In addition, you can other options like it facilitates you to save clickable hyperlinks, work with embedding options, as well as export Cyrillic and Asian fonts. It provides support for CCITT or JPEG Group 3-4 image compression capabilities.

9. PDF Printer 2009

PDF Printer 2009 is a free and safe application to create high-quality PDF from any program that supports a printing function. The application enables you to create PDF from any file format like image, document, or spreadsheet. By pressing the “Print” button, you can see the resulted PDF within a window and you have the possibility to check out the list of printed files and time/date stamp, navigate to the next or previous page, as well as delete the file or save to PDF by setting up the output directory and file name. The application is very light for system resources and consumes a very low amount of RAM and CPU. It is a simple method of creating PDF files from any printable format with limited features.

10. 7-PDF Printer

7-PDF Printer is a nice program application that can print PDF files from any other source and creates a virtual printer device. So you can easily create PDF files from virtually any printable formats like photographs, web pages, and text files. The application has an elaborate interface with few simple options. It is installed as a virtual printer, only you have to press the “print” button on any file you need to convert and choose the name of the program out of your different connected devices. In addition to the conversion of PDF files, it can convert files to image formats. It provides support for many file types like BMP, PCX, JPEG, PS, EPS, and TIFF. Moreover, the application delivers a lot of settings to customize your experience and you also have the possibility to create your own profiles. It enables you to fiddle with the document’s properties so you can add author name, subject, keywords, and a title, as well as modify the quality settings for the PDF.

11. PDF Printer Pilot

PDF Printer Pilot is a lightweight and simple application that enables you to create a PDF document from different file formats like pictures, text files, and even web pages with the aid of the default print functions. PDF Printer Pilot works as a virtual printer and can handle any type of content fitted with a print function. You can instantly create a PDF document with the selected content and saved to a custom location. In addition, you have the facility to navigate through all pages, fit to screen, zoom in and out, export to PDF, or print out on a sheet of paper. The preview window contains a set of options and facilitates you to get general document info like author and subject, general details for page layout, security settings for password protection and restrictions, as well as color compressions.

12. TruePDF

TruePDF is a comprehensive software application that facilitates the user to create PDF document truly free. The application was designed to be a free PDF printer. Writer, and creator that create PDF files from virtually a program quickly without the requirement for Adobe Acrobat or GhostScript. The application has a small installer that can set up both x64 and x86 PDF print driver on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. TruePDF is a freeware application with some limitations that is free for personal and commercial use up to 10 users. You have to buy a commercial version of TruePDF to produce PDF files.

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13. SomePDF Creator

SomePDF Creator is a free and comprehensive software that allows you to create PDF document from a file which provides print options. SomePDF Creator will appear as a virtual printer in your Printers and Faxes list and it is also present in the list of All applications. Simply, you have to open your document, click on “Print” and choose this app as the printer to create the PDF file. the application does not have a dedicated interface for working. SomePDF Creator consumes a low amount of RAM and CPU and has a quick response time.

14. doPDF

doPDF is a PDF printer application that enables you to convert any printable document to PDF format. Moreover, you can choose the unit type, page size, resolution, orientation, and scale. You can access the application by clicking the “Print” button in any program that can support printing option. The interface of doPDF is very intuitive with simple to use commands. You can move Properties to choose page size as predefined or custom, select the unit type, configure graphic details and set orientation. In addition, you can set the output name and destination, choose “Small file” or “High-quality images” and allows doPDF to use the current output folder always and open PDF file in a reader or embed fonts. Overall, the application is simple to use both for beginners and experts.

15. PDFill Free PDF and Image Writer

PDFill Free PDF and Image Writer is a straightforward and handy application that enables you to create PDFs and photo files, customize the quality, optimize features, edit metadata, password protect files, rotate and crop images, split and merge PDFs, add watermarks, and more. This app is an efficient method to writing PDFs and photos. During the installation process, it is possible to opt for program integration by creating a PDF button inside MS PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, quick launch bar, a PDFill button in Internet Explorer, along with a PDFill folder in My Documents. The interface of PDFill Free PDF and Image Writer has a regular window that provides a neatly organized structure. You can start working by choosing the output file format you want to create such as JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, TIF, and BMP. Moreover, you can apply a default folder, job name and file name for the output, as well as ask the app to open the document right after saving it.

16. BullZip PDF Printer

BullZip PDF Printer is a practical application that enables you to create high-quality PDF files in a quite simple manner. The application works as a virtual printer in Windows to create PDF files from all types of documents. The interface of BullZip PDF Printer is standard and the tabs are General, Document, Dialogs, Image, Merge, Security, Watermark, as well as Actions. Through the General section, you can copy or create a new option set, specify its default name, confirm overwrite, append if output exists, and choose the output format like PS, BMP, JPEG, EPS, PDF, PNG, TIFF, PCX, and EPS. You have the possibility to set the document properties of the created files like the author, subject, title, keywords etc. compatible level, quality settings, initial zoom level, and PDF quality. Use the image section to control the creation of a photo file by configuring the device, horizontal and vertical resolution, and others. Plus, you can superimpose PDF documents and set the password using customizable key length.

17. Doro PDF Writer

Doro PDF Writer is a handy software application that facilitates the user to create color PDF files from any printable document or image. The application facilitates you to edit the information of the future PDF file from a single and clean window, with special fields for subject, title, author, keywords, and producer. Moreover, you can use password protection for limited access, allow or deny copy, use 128-bit encryption, as well as set a master password for full control. The application works in a quite swift way as it creates the file easily and quickly, even when you are working with large documents that contain large photos. In addition, it has the layout and formatting of the real file, a feature that is hard to find in today’s PDF printers. But, Doro PDF Writer does not contain progress bar to allow you to track the PDF building process.

18. PDF24 Creator

PDF24 Creator is a simple and free PDF printer application that enables the user to create PDFs from any printable document, extract pages, merge and split files, swap pages across various files, create and manage certificates, set document security and metadata, and more. The user-friendly interface of PDF24 Creator has a built-in file explorer that allows you to open a file, rotate and insert blank pages, re-arrange pages or image frames, as well as swap pages across different files. Moreover, you can preview documents, extract text to file, send files through fax or email, and edit names. Before saving files as PDF, you have the opportunity to customize general properties about the PDF quality, page auto-rotation, standard, web optimization, color model and conversation, page range, and metadata such as title, author, keywords, and subject. Plus, you can add password protections, set the color, manage user permissions, adjust the JPEG quality and embed text watermarks.

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19. Z-ViPrinter

Z-ViPrinter is a powerful software application that is useful to create professional PDF files. Z-ViPrinter works as a virtual printer on your computer. You have the possibility to use the built-in e-mail interface to send e-mails or use system default e-mail program simply like Thunderbird or Outlook. The application provides a 40-/128-Bit RC4 password protection for PDF files to secure your data from unauthorized access. Moreover, you can create user profiles to manage multiple properties for your files just like file information and security settings. It offers support for various paper formats like Letter, Statement, Legal, Executive, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B5, B4, and user-defined paper sizes. In addition, you can handle printer resolution of up to 2400 dpi and can easily create a single page or multi-page PDF files.

20. Solidata PDF Writer

Solidata PDF Writer is a fast and reliable software program that helps you to create a PDF document from any printable file such as images or web pages. Solidata PDF Writer is actually a virtual printer that outputs PDF documents. There is nothing to configure in this app, only you have to choose the appropriate printer from the list to create such as a document. But, first, you have to specify the destination folder, after which you can analyze the PDF result. Moreover, the program provides a few settings to enhance your experience. You have the possibility to set the program to save files to a custom location automatically, without asking you after each print. In addition, you can enable a specific option to make the program use default document names for more flexibility.

21. Go2PDF

Go2PDF is easy to use a software program that is useful to convert any document into a high-quality PDF format. It can turn any printable program into a PDF file such as images, documents, text, presentations, spreadsheets or other types of files. After installation, you have the facility to access the virtual PDF printer from “Control Panel” area and move files to the list with the aid of drag and drop method. The file queue can show the name, owner, status, date of submission, the number of pages, size, along with the port for each entry. After specifying the output directory and filename, you can start the conversion process. In addition, you have the facility to convert multiple items s at a time. It provides many configuration options like embedded fonts, page setup, access control, and PDF options.

22. Bolt PDF Printer

Bolt PDF Printer is a reliable software application that enables the user to create PDF files from any printable format. The interface of Bolt PDF Printer is simple and intuitive with few options. The application works as a virtual printer which facilitates you to convert any type of file to PDF. Only you have to choose the Bolt PDF Printer when sending something to print and press “OK”. It will create a PDF file in the default output directory. Moreover, you can set this virtual printer as your default printing option. It enables you to uninstall the driver from the menu bar. The application contains Help contents in an HTML format which is quite neatly organized and comprehensive. It consumes a minimum amount system resources and has a quick response time.

23. Modern PDF Maker

Modern PDF Maker is a comprehensive software solution that enables you to convert all your documents into PDF through a virtual printer. The user interface of Modern PDF Maker is intuitive which provides a clean layout and easy access to the primary options. It is quite easy to work with this app as only you have to send the file to the application, choose an output location where you want to store new files, and the conversion process completes in few seconds. In addition to PDF conversion, you have the option to use this program with any third-party text editor with the help of built-in virtual PDF print driver. So, you can easily use this application with Paint, Office, WordPad, or any other program. In this app, you can only use the “drag & drop” option to add files directly into the primary window.

24. MagicPDF

MagicPDF is a free and lightweight software program that allows the user to create professional PDF documents with few clicks. Now, you can easily print a document from any Windows application. After installation of MagicPDF, create a document in your favorite editors like Microsoft Word or Notepad. Then, go to the printing menu of your program and choose MagicPDF as the target printer. In this way, MagicPDF will convert your copy of the document to PDF file rather than printing a copy of your document on paper. The only drawback is that you will find huge watermark on the resulted PDF file after printing. Plus, it does not contain advanced features like encryption, password protection, user action restrictions, and multiple PDF combination. Overall, MagicPDF is a handy way to create PDF files with few clicks.

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