Best Free Oscilloscope Software for Windows

Oscilloscope software for the computer are used too often nowadays in professional audio studios and are used to convert analogue audio into the waveform. The working process of these software is like that the software can take audio input by many methods like directly from the microphone of the PC, by a music file or by a recording and then it converts the data into voltages. The voltage is then translated over a graph in the software which shows us oscillations of the sound per minute, second or even millisecond. The software uses Computer’s soundcard to perform operations like converting the audio into a voltage and then digital form, this it does not require any additional device to do it so, and this is why it is also cheap. Most of the universities and college use these software for experimental purposes to teach students about properties of sound too as well as the software is also used in industries. Most of these software come in the free version. However some are with additional features and comes only in the trial version, choose the best one suiting you from the list of software given below.

1. Visual Analyzer

Visual Analyzer is a one in all frequency analyzing software which converts your personal PC into an audio amplifier. You don’t need any additional device to amplify your audio, just install this software and your PC is your thing. It takes input from microphone of your PC and then converts it into voltage, which is then translate it in waveform over a graph. Visual Analyzer runs on Windows 9x ME, 2k, XP, NT, Server, Vista, 7, 8. Visual Analyzer 2014 version now available (for 64 and 32 bit platform), no longer compatible with Windows 9x. The software is freeware and can be downloaded from given link.


2. Frequency Analyzer

Frequency Analyzer is a simple straightforward software which is used to show you the waveform of audio in a graph form. The software works on the phenomena of converting the inputted audio into a voltage and then converting it into the digital form, then showing the results in graphical form to the user. The user can select from 8 to 16 bits per sample. It can also get the direct input from the microphone, or you can choose a WAV or BMP format file to show its graph in it. The software is freeware and is 100% free to download and use.


3. Zelscope

Zelscope is analogue audio to the digital audio converter which then shows the data in a graphical form which user can understand. The digital sound is shown in a graphical form which shows oscillations of sound per millisecond. It converts your PC into a dual-trace storage oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer which can take input from music, speech, mic, or output from an electronic circuit and shows you the graphical output of the data. Also as a real-time spectrum analyzer, Zelscope can display the amplitude and phase components of the spectrum. It is freeware and available from the given link.


4. Winscope

Winscope comes in the top list of many oscilloscope softwares and is very significant in its performance. There are a few drawbacks to it, but still, the software runs very smooth and gets your work done. It takes the input of audio which is amplified by the sound card of the user’s PC and then converts it to an oscillatory graph form. It’s bandwidth range is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz which is audible by an average human. It has many other features to help you and the software is absolutely free to download and use.


5. Soundcard Oscilloscope

This is software developed with LabView (™ National Instruments) that uses the PC sound card to provide data to a digital oscilloscope. The program also contains a signal generator and a frequency analysis. The program is very suitable for projects in schools and universities. The software’s features are elementary to learn and use, so it is beneficial for bot a learner or a professional. Some of the features are the x-y mode, Waterfall diagram (frequency spectrum as a function of time), frequency filter: low-, high-, band-pass and band-stop, Audio Recorder to save data to a wave file. The software is freeware.


6. Oscilloscope

An oscilloscope is simple analogue audio to the digital audio converter which shows you the graphical oscillation data of an audio waveform. The software is readily compatible with Linux, Windows and Macintosh. The software has many features to alter the graphical waveform data as you see it in real-time. This software is totally free and as it supports most of the user platforms, you can install it on any device you have. It is updated in regular intervals and the company keeps it improving it constantly ta help the user better.


7. Real-time Spectrum

Real-time Spectrum is high-end audio to digital waveform converter which is used in many big industries and by many professional. It has a very vast feature library and is optimistic to use in professional projects. It is an army level software and is used in much professional frequency amplifying devices other than computers. It can view you the data in multiple views and graph, and with its high resolution, the results and the data’s are viewable and very clear.


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