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There are many movies available on the internet nowadays that it is impossible to remember all of their names or specifics about a movie. Whenever we see a movie, we make some opinions about it ourselves, some find a movie interesting, some at the same time find it funny and sometimes, everyone’s opinion about it is same. However, if you want to remember which movie you saw at which date and what your opinions about it were, it is not in the list of possibilities of an average person. This is why we use movie cataloging software. With the software, you can keep a track of every movie you have, every movie you watched and whatever detail you may like to enter will stay safe with the software. This is a good way to keep a track of movies if you are a marathoner of movies. Another use of this software is that you can create a database of all the media which is saved in your hard drive with its location path. This way, you can easily find any movie or media file with the search engine of the software and with the given path, jump right to the folder in which your data is. So take a look at the list and please leave a review for us, it helps us a lot.

1. Diskcat

Diskcat is a simple shareware program which is used for cataloging your diskettes, Audio CDs, Hard Disks, CD-ROMs, LAN drives, and Magneto-Optical disks. The software is made for typical tasks to be done easily as it is mostly automated and most of the process in the software is carried out without any interference of user. It can automatically detect drive types and save it in the database with arrangement easy enough to be understandable by user. Its search engine is also very fast and you can get the results of your search within seconds. Download it free via given link.



EMDB is also in the list of freewares for movie cataloging. The software is written by an individual Eric and it is very good in quality and features. It has the integrated search engines for movies and TV shows which search for the given title on IMDB databases and gives you the available data. Many more features are worthy of trying in this software. EMDB is under constant development and its updates come on regular intervals making it more reliable and a greater rival to all the top ranking movie cataloging softwares.


3. Discoverbit

Discoverbit is a simple, ready to go movie cataloging software which is very straightforward and easy to use. You can add any movie you want in it with just a click and fill in all the fields with data however you want. Adding a movie is optional, and main features of this software are to create and play your audio files database. The software weighs about some MBs and you can easily download and run it on your desktop systems. It supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 with the help of .NET Framewor 4 or above.


4. MeD’s Movie Manager

The software is open source and is written with very lightweight language in java so that it can run on any desktop system whether it’s old generation or new. You system just needs to be supporting java and it will run. Just because its lightweight and all, don’t think that developers didn’t kept performance in mind while developing it. The software is rich with features and as any modern software will let you, this software can also fetch the movie data from IMDB server and fill in the required fields. It also gives you many more feature to work with for free. You can know more about the software by visiting the link to its official site.


5. Zotero

Zotero is a multipurpose cataloging software which creates a data base of many things for you to catalogue. The software keeps itself active on the web while you surf the internet and if you find something interesting, you can save it with just one click right from the toolbar. It is open source software which is updated on regular intervals making it more reliable and a competitive rival in the market. If you need more than just movie cataloging, you should give this software a try. While having a number of mesmerizing feature, this software is still available as under freeware license and is 100% free to use.

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6. Filmotech

Filmotech is a super loaded software which is quick in performance and provides exquisite features to the user. The software is very great in terms of cataloging data as it can connect your added media with a lot of tagging features. Finding about any specific movie or a song is very easy in it. It takes just some simple steps and the software finds the data itself giving you the results in the fastest time. You can search the data about the movie directly from the software through internet and it will fill all the available fields of data with the info available automatically.


7. Personal Video Database

Personal Video Database is a free software by SMF (Simple Machine Forum) Company and its feature are pretty great for a movie cataloging software. You can put as much data about any movie or media you add in it as you want and it will give you response in seconds even if your PC is low on specs. The speed and features are balanced in it, still it provides a great performance of a software of above average level. You can use this software only on Windows platform and some of the Windows versions are supported by it.


8. Ant Movie Catalogue

Ant Movie Catalogue is among the top rankings of the movie cataloging software and it is pretty much the thing you need for cataloging your Movies, Audios, CDs/DVDs and other data. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to understand and one can easily manage their collection in it with various tagging features. You can start cataloging just by installing it and using it, no tutorial is required to work in this software. The software is fully free and its source code is also available if you want to make an edit to it or add a feature to the software.


9. GrieeX

If you are a multi device user and you have to keep all the data all the time with yourself, this is the software of your need. The software is very intelligent as you just have to give it the name of the movie or a TV Show, and it will fetch data of the given name through IMDB Database and fill in the fields for you automatically. Plus, the software is cross platform, so you can install it on any device you own Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone or a Desktop PC. GrieeX is a freeware and the links to download it are given in the links section.

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