Best Free GEDCOM File Viewer Software for Windows

GEDCOM File Viewer Softwares are used to view the biological ancestry data from .GED files. The GED files are now widely used to create Heritage data depending upon you, your father, mother or any person using the genealogical data that you provide. The file creators are embedded with features, and some can arrange your given data into a Hierarchy and show you a tree of extending fields of the persons relatives. It organizes the individuals in a way that all the persons in a tree are connected to each other, and you can see information about anyone in the tree as much is available. There are a lot of other features that these software can provide and your tree can become a whole history of your Heritage. There are some free GEDCOM software given in the list which are available for free and are uncompromising on quality. Download whichever suits you the best and don’t forget to give reviews, your reviews are a big help to us!

1. GAIA Family Tree

GAIA Family Tree builder is an enhanced family tree building software which is quite easy to use. It is just saving a contact with multiple fields in your phone, you just have to enter data in pre-built fields, and it automatically and intelligently creates your family tree. You can also search for other family trees in it quickly, and the results will be satisfying. The software is free to download and is available on its official website to be downloaded. This is a great GEDCOM software.


2. My Heritage Family Tree Builder

My Heritage Family Tree Builder is one of the top ranking family tree builders which offer online tree creating as well as downloadable software. It has almost 35 million family trees registered and is growing more. It is loaded with features and with building a family tree with software, you are sure to get the best results. It can show you results in Ancestor Chart, Descendant Chart, All-In-One Chart, Fan Chart, Close Family Chart and many others. It is free to download and is quality software.


3. Family Wheel

The software is a excellent Tree atalogue software and is available for free. It requires Adobe Air, so you will need to install Adobe Air before installing it. It can import other .GED files and you can view any other GED file whether it is made in this software or not. It lets you create Genealogical Cataloguing Family Trees which can be very useful because it establishes the history in hierarchy form which is readily understandable by any person.

4. Uncleged

Uncleged is a free GEDCOM viewer software. It is available for free on the internet and can be downloaded easily. This software offers you an additional function other than viewing the GEDCOM file, it can convert your file into an HTML file, and you can view the data in any browser you have. This feature makes it unique, and people often use it for this feature. The software is pretty lightweight too so that you can run it on almost any system even with low specs.


5. Arbor Vita

Arbor Vita is a freeware which is similar to unclegged but with some additional features. It also converts your GEDCOM file into an HTML and shows the data in your desired browser, but the difference is that it displays genealogy trees graphically and simplifies the whole data in only one web page for a family. This feature saves us the trouble of changing tabs or browser to see the entire family data, and also it helps us to understand the data because it does not break and you can see everything in one page.


6. GEDCOM Viewer

GEDCOM Viewer is a simple but efficient GEDCOM Viewer. It comes in a free version and is operate-able only on Windows. The software is pretty easy to use and supports a wide range of files. You can view files of any GEDCOM version and additionally you can view pics from them also. You have to select the file you want to open and software adds it in its library, then you can choose any file from its library and GEDCOM Viewer generates its view for you. As easy as it seems, just click and go!


7. My Family Tree

My Family Tree is a free software by Chronoplex Software which creates genealogical Family trees with simple user interface. The software does not take much time to learn because it is a user-friendly software and helps the user to create an attractive looking Heritage Tree in real short time. You can create interactive family charts with full support for multi-touch pan and zoom, and in addition, you can open any GEDCOM format files to view them in an advanced GUI interface easily.


8. GED View

GED View is a simple GEDCOM file viewer software which is straight for the viewing of the file. It only supports GEDCOM format and is pretty easy to use. The software is very lightweight to install and operate and gives optimum performance even on low spec Computers. It cannot create family trees and is only usable for viewing your files. It is easily downloadable for free from the given websites.


9. Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree is an excellent software for genealogical tree management. The software comes in free trial version and is purchasable later. The software in trial version gives you primary functions like viewing a GEDCOM file, Creating a new Ancestry Tree or Editing an existing GEDCOM file. The software has many other features which are quite useful like Hinting, Online Backup, Stories, X-DNA Charts, Cause of Death and many more helpful features. It supports only Windows and is not very heavy to burden your PC while working; you can keep on multitasking while it’s doing its work.


10. Jdmcox Simple Family Tree

Jdmcox Simple Family Tree is free to download software which straightly goes for the view. The software is not very versatile, but it can show you your Heritage in GUI format and also can create and edit.GED files. This simple software is easy to use and is lightweight, that way, it does not cover much space in your cache memory. It displays ancestors and descendants of any selected individual. You can add New Individual, Father, Spouse, Mother or Child.


11. FT Analyzer

FT Analyzer is a free to use software which can create and your GEDCOM files. The software is loaded with features and has a simple user interface which makes it easy to run on any system. FT Analyzer has some colour indicator feature which lets you know about missing fields, a different colour for different areas so that you don’t have to search for the entire document for one mistake. It has Grey, Red, Yellow, Orange and Green indicators each with a per-described field. Download it free from the given website and use it.


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