Best Free FLV Player for Windows


Flash Video File or FLV with .flv extension is a media file which has both video and audio. This format is defined by Adobe system and it is mostly used as an embedded video on a web page. To enjoy this video file on your system, you should have a media player which can easily play this format. FLV is the standard format for online video streaming and found on popular video sharing sites like Vevo, YouTube, and Vimeo. Many famous media players can’t play Flv files including Windows Media Player. For this purpose, specific applications are designed which have the facility to play videos with FLV formats and such players are called FLV players. Here is the list of Best Free FLV Player for Windows. All players present in this list can easily play FLV files and allow you to utilize different customization options to get results of your choice. These players can play many other audio and video format files. In these programs, you can add subtitles, customize volume and screen resolutions and more. Some of these players provide you the opportunity to play radio stations as well as make conversions of audio and videos from one format to other.

1. RealPlayer Cloud

RealPlayer Cloud is a reliable and straightforward software program that can help you to organize your media files in Cloud storage space, play favorite songs and clips as well as share them with your friends. This interesting program promises to furnish the best audio and video experience to your desktop. It provides a variable amount of storage space present on the Internet for you to keep your videos and music. The primary window of RealPlayer Cloud allows you to switch through available major features quickly and organize files that you have both on your system or your dedicated web cloud space. You have the option to create multiple custom collections and sort them according to different criteria. The integrated web browser provides you full navigation control so you can find videos and play YouTube clips easily. Some specific tools help you to trim videos carefully or have them converted to multiple formats.


2. Potplayer

Potplayer is a reliable application that allows you to watch your favorite movies or songs in an extremely good looking media player. You have the facility to enjoy your favorite songs without worrying about compatibility issues. The pretty interface of Potplayer contains all the necessary playback options like volume slider and resizable preview section. The application offers support for many available formats like WMV, AVI, FLV, MKV, 3GP, APE, WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more. The program provides multiple tools to fully enjoy songs or clips. A control panel helps you to adjust different frequency sliders or insert presets to the good user. In addition, you can save custom configurations for later use. You have the possibility to adjust a few color related sliders to set any errors in a video or make it suitable according to your requirements.


3. ExMplayer

ExMplayer is a clean program that provides support for both audio and video from the hard drive, network streaming, as well as CDs or DVDs. The graphical user interface of the program enables you to listen to audio files and watch movies. The program supports a large range of formats like AC3, MKA, WAV, FLAC, MPC, AAC, MP3, APE, OGG, M4A, WMV, WEBM, 3GP, RM, MP4, MPG, MKV, and more. Moreover, you can create or load playlists like PLS or M3U. You have the possibility to watch both 2D and 3D movies, use predefined profiles, access an audio equalizer, and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and gamma levels. Moreover, adjust the aspect ratio, crop videos, zoom in and out, and take screenshots. This media player can show media information in a new window and save it to the hard drive in an HTML format, and load subtitles of different formats. The application facilitates you to reset Keyboard shortcuts and access some neatly organized Help contents.

4. CherryPlayer

CherryPlayer is a straightforward software application that enables the user to stream media files from VK, YouTube, and other sites. The program helps you to listen to your favorite, watch songs or movies, and download clips from the Internet. The extra feature of the player allows you to search and find music videos online right from CherryPlayer’s interface. You can get access to BBC, YouTube, charts, and Billboard, as well as view the different categories of clips and songs such as Hot 100, Most Popular or Top Tracks. For downloading a track, simply choose it from the application’s primary window and press the dedicated button. You can select the ‘Download’ option from the context menu and save the file to your system to a location of your desire. It contains basic features like Repeat, Shuffle, Stop, Play, Previous, Volume Up and Volume Down.

5. UMPlayer

UMPlayer is a lightweight multimedia player that can fill all your requirements with over 270 built-in A/V codecs. So this program can play any media format. The clean and simple interface of UMPlayer allows you to customize its appearance using the downloadable content. Furthermore, the top menu furnishes you access to the most tools of the program as well as you can get some extra features by right-clicking inside the primary window. You have the facility to adjust the subtitle, modify audio tracks, change the application skin on the go, and customize the video appearance and quality. Subtitle search function helps you to look for subtitles on the fly. The integrated search engine of enables the user to quickly look clips on YouTube. If you want to listen Audio, you can play a radio through SHOUTcast.

6. Wondershare Player

Wondershare Player is easy to use program that works as a universal video player, allowing you to watch your favorite movies. This user-friendly program has the aim to easily play a media file you want such as 3GP, Apple, MEPG1/2, Flash or Windows media. This intuitive player provides you with the option of launching it directly or from the context menu. You have the facility to add files, or even folders of videos and songs, that you can play randomly, in a loop, or on repeat. The numerous ‘Play’ function helps you to pause, stop, forward, or rewind your media file. Moreover, you can rotate media image horizontally or vertically, or left and right for 90 degrees. You have the possibility to load subtitles when watching a movie, and lip sync the audio with the video. The “Snapshot” feature helps you to grab single or serial photos of the movie in the primary window, save the image to a PNG format and copy it to the clipboard.

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7. Ace Media Player

Ace Media Player is a user-friendly and modern looking program that can help you listen to audio files and watch movies. This media player can play audio and video files and offers support for multiple formats like AVI, ASF, WMV, MP4, MPG, FLAC, MOV, MKV, 3G2, and FLV. The application has a panel to add multiple files, elapsed and total time, a volume bar, and different playback controls like stop, play/pause, next or previous item. You can upload multiple playlists, songs, and movies simultaneously, as well as all the supported files within a directory. The integrated “drag & dropped” function helps you to easily manage items. You can save all the uploaded files to the hard drive as a playlist in an MPL file format, for later use. You can customize the subs, in the sense that you can alter the font type, size, and color, as well as add shadows or borders.

8. Haihaisoft Universal Player

Haihaisoft Universal Player is a reliable application that is useful for playing movies and music. It offers support for multiple formats like DVD, MPEG, WMA, OGG, AIFF, MOV, and MKV. The user-friendly interface of the program allows you to work easily. You have the possibility to view the media library, configure file associations, an embedded browser, enable a built-in audio switcher filter, assign hotkeys, and add external filters. Moreover, alter the interface’s skin, move in the video frame by frame, customize subtitles, add and organize favorites, apply shades, and more. The application does not contain a help manual, so you will find some difficulty at the start but after some experience, you can play with the different settings. Haihaisoft Universal Player has the facility to play sharp sound and show clear images. The application uses a moderation amount of computer resources and works very fast.

9. VLC media player

VLC media player is a fully customizable and practical media application that enables you to enjoy nearly all types of media formats or your favorite radio stations. The clean and simple interface of VLC media player provide the “Options” menu, from where you can customize the layout or even change the skin completely with the help of downloadable content. It has a playlist editor, from where you can manage files and drag desired items over an indicated area. You have the possibility to choose one of the available radio station and stumble across the one you have frequency tuned to. You can save configurations for later play as well as combine movies and music. A 12-band equalizer provides you the facility to adjust frequency sliders to fine-tuned sound. Move to fullscreen mode for a clear view and use some audio visualization options.

10. QQPlayer

QQPlayer is a simple media player that allows you to play your favorite songs, movies or other media files with multiple formats. It offers support for many media formats like AVI, RM, ASF, FLAC, SWF, VOB, IFO, OGG, WMA, WAV, MP3, and WMV. The intuitive and simple interface of the program enables you to import media by using the file browser or the “drag & drop” option. you have the opportunity to use basic media player tools like adjust the volume, pause and stop, switch to full-screen mode, play the next or previous track, and navigate back and forth within the stream. In addition, enable shuffle and loop mode, create a playlist and bookmarks, change the screen size, rotation and the aspect ratio, configure an equalizer, choose a different audio channel, load subtitles, and set their position. Take a screen shot, use a video compression tool, create a storyboard, convert media to MP4 or 3GP, alter the interface appearance as well as show lyrics and look for them online.

11. FLV-Media-Player

FLV-Media-Player is a Zinc- and Flash- based standalone Desktop video player that helps you to play FLV files on the go. It is a portable program so you can run it without installation. The clean interface of the program provides too many options, however, hides multiple features under its menu. It can open save Flash movies and you can use it for playing online movies. When you open a new FLV file, the program will open a balloon tray notification to display some stats related to videos, such as duration, path, framerate, and resolution. The application contains many important features like a loop movie tool, automatic rewind, peak-meter, smoothing sleep-time, an automatic start feature and some tools to control the video. You have the possibility to set the program to work as the default FLV player. FLV-Media-Player works with a low amount of system resources.

12. MAX Tray Player

MAX Tray Player is a lightweight software program that can play your favorite music right from the taskbar. You can play, stop, and pause audio and video files quickly and using minimum effort from any working environment. After installation, MAX Tray Player create the player into the taskbar, between the Start button and Quick Shortcuts. You can load audio and video files into the player using the file browser or “drag & drop” option. You can set the program to play items from audio CDs automatically as well as specify the default folder to play music from. You can edit graph building rules, select another GUI skin, make file associations, redefine shortcuts, keyboard, and so on. In addition, you can set bookmarks, create playlists and enable duplicates, move the built-in taskbar window to another spot, as well as sort items by different criteria like file path, name, and bit rate.

13. Rich Media Player

Rich Media Player is an intuitive software program that facilitates the user to create playlists, play songs and movies, convert audio files to AAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, and other formats, as well as download videos from YouTube. The intuitive GUI of Rich Media Player provides the facility to drag and drop the items directly into the primary panel. Moreover, the scanning option enables you to search for audio and video files in the dedicated folders. It provides support for multiple audio and video formats like MOV, ASF, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, AC3, AAC, FLAC, MPEG, and AIFF. You have the possibility to adjust the volume, play the clips and songs directly from the main window, enable the shuffle or loop mode, move to the previous or next item, as well as play, pause or stop the current selection.

14. Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is a comprehensive software program that combines a powerful set of tools with an old school look to furnish an enhanced playback experience. It contains most of the codecs you need to play video formats and a simple user interface as well as very fast response time. It offers support for multiple audio and video formats including FLV, FLAC, QuickTime, and RealVideo. You can create a thumbnail, take a snapshot and save it as a JPG image, add files to Favorites and then organize them, as well as assign hotkeys to different commands like Filter Menu and Volume Boost Max. You can customize the subtitles and use Media Player’s online subtitle database for more enjoyment. You can set the program to either hibernate, close, shutdown, standby, or log off the system. Another feature helps you to load videos without sound or an audio track.

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15. Aun Player

Aun Player is a simple to use and handy software program that allows you to view movies stored onto different storage media including DVDs and Blu-ray. The open buttons present in the program helps you to load a DVD from the folder, load a DVD from the device, or a single video file. You can use some additional control for managing before or when videos play. For example, you ca pick a subtitle file, select the location to show information, and navigate through chapters. A volume slider helps you to adjust the decibels coming out of the speaker and another tool enables you to take a sneak peek at content. You can start over every time you load the program. However, it does not have a built-in playlist manager to add more files and load later on.

16. MpcStar

MpcStar is a straightforward software program that can help you to play and view your favorite movies. The theme feature allows you to customize the way the application looks with just a few clicks. It contains a subtitle support and a playlist creator as well as. The program offers support for multiple formats, you can play all video types in this program. If you want to set MpcStar as your default audio or video player, it is quite easy to set up file associations directly from installation. Online subtitle search tool uses the file name to find subtitles on the Internet. A neat feature provides the possibility to shutdown hibernate or set the computer to sleep after playing all the loaded files. It is not too heavy on system resources and works very fast. The solid and easy to use features of MpcStar make it one of the top preferences of all user types.

17. VidBox

VidBox is a reliable and handy software program that can help you to enjoy your favorite media files from optical disks, online resources, and different file formats. The simple interface of VidBox contains clearly intuitive playback control and a large preview area. You can work with multiple audio and video formats like MPG, WAV, VCD, WMV, AIF, MP3, MID, ASF, WMA, AVI, FLV, and more. It contains the option to paste a URL for online content. You have to utilize the built-in file explorer to navigate to the source of your songs or videos because it does not support drag & drop option or using an open dialog. You can minimize the program to the system tray to save desktop space, with a small box furnishing quick access to playback controls. It only provides a few general display and cleaning options for history items.

18. JetVideo

JetVideo is a lightweight software program is created as an all-around multimedia manager and you can use it for different purposes like encoding, ripping, and playing all your media files. The program provides support for both video and audio formats as well as Winamp plugins. It provides the list of options related to its functionality as an audio or video player and multimedia manager for files management. The intuitive interface of JetVideo is difficult to use at first because it contains a large number of functions within a small window. The major options that escape through are the Convert, Rip, Burn, Record, or Broadcast. You can rip audio CDs and access their details from the internet about the songs, artist, or album. Utilize audio conversation tools for easy and quick encoding of formats like WMA, OGG, FLAC, and WAV.

19. Jaksta Media Player

Jaksta Media Player is a powerful and simple Media Player that is useful to play a large range of audio and video formats. The application offers support for format associations with video, audio, and other types of files, disk playback, and context menu integration. The interface of Jaksta Media Player has a minimalistic layout, where you can add media files using the drag & drop method. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the volume, switch to full-screen mode, set the current frame as wallpaper, as well as enable the program to stay on top of other windows. You have the option to change the aspect ratio, zoom in and out, activate post processing and select the degree level, allow deinterlacing and choose the mode, as well as load subtitle tracks and take snapshots. You can synchronize the track to the video and the audio to the video, as well as see codec and media information.

20. GreenForce-Player

GreenForce-Player is one of the best Media Players which allows you to password protect video and audio files. You can import media files into the player by the file browser or drag & drop method. Moreover, utilize some basic functions like go to the next or previous track, pause and stop, navigate freely within the clip, and set the volume. You have the possibility to enable looping or shuffling mode, move to full-screen mode, change the aspect ratio, and load subtitles. In addition, create, import and save playlists, load streaming media from URL, play an audio CD or video DVD, save the media position, view cover art, access the most recently used files, enable visualization mode, and allow the program to stay on the top of other tasks. This program provides the opportunity to set a password to protect a file, add a cover file, edit tags, disallow screenshots and input the codec name, and allow an expiration date.

21. Altarsoft Player

Altarsoft Player is simple to use program which has the possibility to play both audio and video files and facilitates you to create extensive multimedia playlists. The application can play media files of multiple formats like FLV, MP3, WAV, 3GP, AVI, VOB, and MKV. To make the playback more suitable for large spaces or small rooms, you can apply audio effects and adjust the sound frequencies. Import media files through the drag & drop method or the file browser. You can easily sort, arrange, or play items in random mode. You can use basic media player functions like the switch to full-screen mode, pause and stop, adjust the volume, as well as navigate back and forth within the stream. In addition, switch to mono or stereo output to get high-quality playback regardless of the speaker used by you. Change file associations, access DVD menus, take snapshots or change the Interface language.

22. KoolPlaya

KoolPlaya is a lightweight software program that facilitates you to play media files, including DVDs. The intuitive interface contains clean elements and allows you to import media by drag & drop method or using the file browser. Work with basic media player tools like adjusting the volume, navigate back and forth within the stream, go to the previous or next track, and switch to full-screen mode. Create a playlist, view file properties, enable shuffling mode, jump forward or backward, choose the subtitle and audio stream, and set the playback speed. Furthermore, move to a specific chapter, root, top, audio, subtitle, chapter or angle menu, set an in point and out point, jump to the start or end of the clip, change the aspect ratio and zoom. You can set the program to stay on top of other software, take a screenshot, and open and audio track.

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23. MRT Player

MRT Player is a simple to use a software program that facilitates the user to play all types of songs and watch movies easily. The simplistic and intuitive interface provides you the ability to select the skin from a number of options and make it suitable according to your desktop. On starting the program, it pops ups multiple windows on your system that only serves a visual purpose. The visual support is only helpful to make the software appearance like a little more than just an ordinary player. It provides you the opportunity to play different music file types, and select them all using a single click of a mouse. The program contains useful playlist and equalizer tools with a handful of presets to select from. Moreover, you can make your music sound more personal by using an Effect option. However, you can only stop the effects by restarting the player or adjusting the sliders.

24. SGS VideoPlayer

SGS VideoPlayer is a comprehensive software program which provides support for standard video file formats, contains image adjustment functions, and basic playback controls. You can add videos to the program from file or folder using the file browser or folder view. Utilize standard media player controls like pause and stop, move to next or previous video in the current location, switch to full-screen mode, and adjust the volume level. In addition, view the original or half size of the clip, double it, set the primary window to stay on top of other programs, increase or decrease the frame size, create and manage a playlist, and make image adjustments. The interface of SGS VideoPlayer is very simple to use which allow the user to enjoy music in a clean environment.

25. Full-Screen Player

Full Screen Player is a handy and user-friendly software program that allows you to play video files in full-screen mode. The user interface of Full Screen Player is simple to navigate through and you can insert videos using the file browser or the “drag & drop” method. In addition, play a CD or DVD and view file properties like resolution, full path, and filters. You have the possibility to add more files, create, save and load a playlist, zoom in and out, remove and shuffle items, and set the program to remain on top of other applications. Utilize the “Preferences” menu to switch to full-screen mode at startup automatically, rewind on key frames, repeat, increase priority, and checkup the playlist. Choose sound device, start playing the movie from where you left, choose the interface language and preferred soundtrack, change aspect ratio, and set file associations.

26. SWF & FLV Player

SWF & FLV Player is a simple to use a software program that can help you to watch FLV and SWF movies as well as create custom playlists and control the playback with the help of options. You have the possibility to create a playlist which contains all your animations, you can run them one by one or in random order. You can save playlist locally for later use and easily add new FLV or SWF files. It can show detailed information about each movie like its size, frame rate, the SWF version, as well as the size of actions, fonts, sounds, photos, and other embedded elements. The primary window contains basic options that you would get in any standard video player, facilitating you to control the playback like play, stop, rewind, and fast-forward, adjust the zoom level or the volume. You can adjust the playback quality and can fit video to the window size. Moreover, you can jump to a specific frame easily by choosing the specific option in the right click menu.

27. AnvSoft Web FLV Player

AnvSoft Web FLV Player is a straightforward software program that enables you to create Flash Video on the web and play FLV video files on the web as well. The application has an uncomplicated and simple to navigate interface where you can import video clips from the hard drive using the file browser or drag & drop method. Work with multiple customization settings like enabling it to play at the beginning and repeat the end automatically as well as select the control panel position like top or bottom of the video. You can customize the player theme in regard to the control bar style and preset color, as well as select color for the control panel, time, buttons, slide, slide background and buffer slide. Moreover, if you have completed the project, you can preview it before publishing. AnvSoft Web FLV Player works with low to moderate amount of computer resources.

28. StreamTransport

StreamTransport is a reliable media player that allows the user to download his preferred videos from different online platforms effortlessly. It can work with video hosting services based on RTMP, HTTP, RTMPTE, RTMPT, and RTMPE protocols, and allows you to save all clips on the local disks either MP4 or FLV. StreamTransport’s GUI displays a large range of video details like duration, title, URL, video width and height, while a separate task manager shows total and downloaded size, speed, as well as elapsed and remaining time. It performs download task very fast, only if you have fast internet connection. Overall, StreamTransport contains all the necessary tools required to download clips easily. It captures video URLs automatically and allows you to initiate a task using a single click of a mouse.

29. FLVPlayer4Free

FLVPlayer4Free is a lightweight software program that enables you to play media files for different formats like OGG, WMA, FLV, MP3, MKV, and 3GP. The clean and intuitive interface of FLVPlayer4Free allows you to add an FLV file by using the “drop & drop” function or the file browser. Utilize the basic commands like Rewind, Play, Stop, Previous Track, and Volume adjustment. Moreover, you can toggle repeat mode, create playlists, open an FLV web address, and switch to full-screen mode. The application facilitates the user to capture an image, enable smoothing, preserve the aspect ratio, allow multiple instances, remember player position or audio, and configure video options. If you try to open an invalid URL address, the program will continuously pop up an error that you can’t escape from. You can also access the “Option” menu in the playlist window.

30. Onda FLV Player

Onda FLV Player has the ability to play adobe flash video files and extract the audio stream. It can help you to easily and quickly convert the supported media formats like H.264, FLV, and MP4 to the audio MP3 files. The conversation panel can hold only three non-customizable quality presets. The application provides you the created MP3 files in the default output folder. You have the possibility to manage to set up the output directory or the quality present for the MP3 files within the Settings panel. Onda FLV Player is a good media player due to its high quality and capable nature. The simple and user-friendly interface help you to work in the smooth environment.