7 Best Free Duplicate Photo Finder Software for Windows


Best Free Duplicate Photo Finder Software are the windows applications having the aim to find duplicate files present in user’s systems. These applications facilitate you to find duplicate photos quickly. All these duplicate photo finding applications are free of cost and anybody can download them on his system easily. Best Free Duplicate Photo Finder Software applications deliver many important features just like let you search duplicate images or pictures in the specific folders, show the results with thumbnails, search for the similar pixel in pictures, and search corrected color images, as well as offer support to common image formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO, and TIF.

Best Free Duplicate Photo Finder Software for Windows

1. Visipics

Visipics is easy to use and a quick software application that searches and deletes all duplicate pictures present on your computer. The interface of the application is simple and plain, and you can start by choosing a directory in the tree view for browsing the duplicate files. it starts a scanning process during which you can’t perform any other tasks. Further, you can mark or ignore files or groups of files, delete, rename, or delete chosen items. In some cases, you have to configure permission levels to get rid of the specific file. The application allows you to configure settings for “Loader” (tell Visipics to load images of a particular size), “Filter” (basic, strict, loose), or “Auto-Select” (pick what photos will be chosen first). Moreover, you can enable slower processing to scan for 90-degree rotations, can “un-ignore” and “un-select” files, as well as view the total remaining files and loaded pictures.


2. Image Search Pony

Image Search Pony is a lightweight software application to free up more space on your hard drive by easily searching and removing duplicate pictures. The application has a classic interface storing all of its features. The decent structure of the application contains a tabbed panel facilitating you to configure and run search processes, upper toolbar having editing controls, and a list for showing results. A progress slider of Image Search Pony allows you to know how far until results are displayed. Picture Directory enables you to manage sources if you are working with multiple folders for image files. The application features options tab allows you to specify when the program should autoselect entries it detects, and you can do this according to size, resolution, or last modified time.


3. Similar Picture Find

Similar Picture Find is a straightforward software application that allows you to create repositories with images, find duplicate pictures, and manage them. This interesting program helps users in searching for similar photos in large image directories. The UI of the application is simple which comprises few buttons, a photo preview, and a panel to show containing files. this program facilitates you to create an unlimited number of repositories with your photographs and save them to the hard disk for later use. Plus, you have the possibility to upload pictures having formats DIB, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, or PNG. You have the facility to scan whole photo collections for similar files, move to the next duplicate item using a click of the button and open it your default photo viewer. In addition, you can remove all the duplicate images, as well as the damaged ones. Help contents are the part of Similar Picture Find which are quite neatly organized.

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4. Anti-Twin

Anti-Twin is an intuitive and handy software application that enables the user to find, delete and move duplicate files from the system with minimum effort. This application helps you to search for similar images on your PC and trash them. Anti-Twin boasts an intuitive and clean interface that facilitates you to add the directories to the list on the fly with the help of the “drag and drop” support or by using the built-in browser function. The program shows the duplicate pictures in the primary panel and enables you to open their current directories, move them to a specified location, or delete them. Anti-Twin displays details about the duplicate files, such as size, file format, and similarity percentage. The application opens the image using the default image viewer with just one click on the previewed image. Further, it provides you some configuration settings for working.

5. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is a reliable software application that can find, delete, or move duplicate images from your computer quickly. The primary task of the application is to find similar files in the user system and delete them. The clean and user-friendly interface enables the user to add the directories to the list. Further, the user has the possibility to clear the whole list, trash the selected folders, and include subdirectories in the search process. The scanning process of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is very fast and you can view the duplicate quickly. The application offers some configuration settings which help you to move the trashed files to the Recycle Bin and search only for identical images, as well as make file associations with JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF file format.

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6. Similar Image Finder

Similar Image Finder is a useful software program that allows the user to find similar pictures to trash duplicates, apply file filters, set the level of similarity, and scan different directories automatically. The application has a clean window with a clear-cut structure which enables you to start working on including as many directories as you can. Using default settings, you can start the scanner with a single click and patiently wait for the result. This program will display the name of the original and duplicate file, with the level of similarity. In addition, you can choose an entry from the list to preview the original and duplicate image in the primary window. Other tools help you to find original images by file size, pixel size or creation date, modify the lowest level of similarity to take into account, and favor accuracy or speed.

7. Exact Duplicate Finder

Exact Duplicate Finder is a handy and reliable software application that is useful to quickly find all the duplicate files in some of your folders. The simple and plain interface enables you to quickly choose the location to be scanned as well as select the file type to look for and skip system folders. At the end of the scanning process, Exact Duplicate Finder adopts a multi-panel layout to display file groups and locations and enables you to quickly remove all duplicates. A step by step analyzes provides you surety that the showed duplicates are identical copies of other files. overall, Exact Duplicate Finder is a handy piece of software for all users who want to find similar images effortlessly.

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