17 Best Free CCTV Security Surveillance Software


CCTV cameras are necessary for security purposes. They are present everywhere around us. The government install CCTV cameras in public places, Airports, Govt. offices, institutions, Banks, and Hospitals for security. In a similar way, many professional people install them in their offices and working areas to check their employees. You will find them everywhere. Monitoring of these CCTV cameras is called CCTV Security Surveillance System. It is a free way to check your office or home using a CCTV camera. Connect the camera with your computer and check activities in front of the camera. Many applications are present in the software market for CCTV Security Surveillance. Some of these are heavy to use, and some high-quality applications have a high price. We have collected some CCTV security programs and arrange them in a list. These programs are freeware and don’t put a strain on computer resources in any way. You can view the list and get the best Security program according to your needs. You can configure the program to record video and do custom actions when it detects motion and notifies you through email. Use many sources of videos on a computer, record many hours of nonstop video recording using motion detection, and protect your home or office from robbers and thieves.

Best Free CCTV Security Surveillance Software

1. Yawcam

Yawcam is a lightweight program that enables you to manage your CCTV using different features such as password protection, broadcasting, and motion detection. The user-friendly graphic interface of Yawcam lets you use its functions as soon as you allow port forwarding on your router. Share your CCTV’s URL with anyone you need, and they can watch the CCTV camera stream without performing an action on their part. Send a custom URL to the users within the network so that they can also view the stream. They can adjust the video the FPS and the video quality and decrease and increase the scale. Activate password protection to make sure that an unauthorized person can’t access your CCTV camera. Everyone needs to insert the user-name and password key before accessing the stream. Broadcast your CCTV through the stream, FTP, or HTTP. Set the program to broadcast your CCTV automatically according to a schedule created by you.


2. Sighthound Video

A modern program designed to detect moving objects in your webcam or CCTV feed. It is helpful for people setting in front of a surveillance system with motion detection features and storing videos to the hard drive. The user interface of Sighthound Video has a simple design that has a menu bar, different buttons, and a pane to show the web camera feed. Extensive help contents are part of it for your help. This version allows you to connect one camera to the application, and it supports USB, IP or built-in webcams. Set it using a built-in wizard, add timestamp overlay to the recorded video, adjust the resolution, and input a location time. It will store the moment it detects motion and enables you to view recordings in the search view. The application shows videos as a list where you can play, pause, go forward two frames or go to the next clip using the built-in playback controls. Save recordings to the HDD as an MP4 or drop them using a click of the button.


3. TinCam

Motion detection, multiple cameras, and live streaming are important features of TinCam. Customize the chatting experience over the Internet using this CCTV program. It supports multiple devices, and a dedicated option, enabling you to pick the one you need to use. Use different configuration options to set up features present in the program. It creates a website where you can share your CCTV, with customization options such as colors, text, and background photos. Insert a caption on the webcam or CCTV camera photos including text, date, or time. You can play an overlay image such as a watermark or a logo on any picture. The Motion Detector is an important feature that enables the program to check the CCTV and take a screenshot when it detects motion. The application can send emails with attached screenshots on its own, and you can run TinCam in the background for the best possible results. You can change settings related to the tools of the program.

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4. Camera Viewer Pro

A straightforward CCTV Camera recorder that can capture live video streams from IP and USB cameras. Camera Viewer Pro can turn a computer into a video surveillance system and helps you to detect motion around the home. You can capture, save and playback any photos. The application can work with Axis Internet Protocol cameras and different USB CCTV Cameras. View camera results in panels of different sizes according to the number of a camera connected to the computer. If you need to view detailed photos of what is happening outside, you can set it to full-screen mode. Add a new camera to the system by providing different details such as device type, image resolution, display fonts, and working schedule. Enable motion detection and fiddle with different FTP settings. Keep recordings on the system for some days, and you can create an output directory for the application.

5. iSpy

iSpy is a full-featured video recording program that gives support for email and sound notifications, built-in detectors, and different CCTV Cameras and microphones. Use its movement detection feature and email notifications for your personal surveillance utility. You can set up the monitoring task by connecting different cameras and microphones. Configure a new camera by providing the name, video source, time stamp, and the mask image. Specify the highest frame rate and pair a microphone with the chosen camera to record videos with voice. It comprises different built-in motion detects such as two frames and custom frames and allows you to specify the most and least trigger level motion detection. Adjust the level of luminance and saturation and choose the colors to track or ignore during the recording procedure. The useful feature helps you to monitor objects of a specific color, or detect fire or smoke. Set alarms, apply noise filters, keep edges, schedule tasks, and check a specific area of the camera.

6. ELSY Hunter

A CCTV professional program that gives support for Network Video Recorders NVR or DVR, IP cameras, and video capture broads of different manufacturers. It comprises RTSP servers of real-time and storage streams to send video to remote clients through the Internet and LAN. Configure HVT and HVS servers using the Web interface and offers access control to each stream of video data. Use Discovery tool to find and add ONVIF equipment to the application. It supports the storage video analysis module Smart Search Engine (SSE). Find similar objects to template photos which shown in the live video and recorded video. Select all frames of videos with similar objects by the time Mark to find one in video storage. Connect system to different network video storage and play record streams at the same time. The application can play recorded event which happened many seconds ago. It can show live video and recorded video in different cells of multiscreen at the same time.

7. Ivideon Server

Ivideon Server is a useful CCTV application for people who want to monitor different types of camera over the Internet. After installation, you can start with the registration of an account for using the cloud service. Next, select the IP camera and webcam you need to check. The application offers many settings tools for configuration. Select the manufacturer and model of the target IP camera, offer the URL address, username, the IP and password for accessing the broadcast. A useful preview function helps you to check out the video quality. The application can record videos continuously, by schedule or when you activate a specific detector. Overall, Ivideon Server gives enough features and abilities which let you check different cameras from any PC with Internet access.

8. webcamXP

Broadcast webcam images on the Internet or upload recordings to FTP servers using webcamXP. The application gives many configuration options for user’s facility. You have to provide IP address, user name, ports, and passwords, specify upload interval and allow passive mode if necessary. Get full control over the connected devices so that you can kick and ban users,. The program can display the user-name and IP address, FPS, country, duration, frames, and other useful details. For the recording task, check out the options screen to choose the audio and video compression filters. webcamXP remains friendly with hardware resources and works fast. The intuitive interface of webcamXP enables you to work in a smooth environment.

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9. ContaCam

ContaCam is a lightweight program that enables you to do live CCTV monitoring and security surveillance. The application relays on a password protected integrated web server to stream the video content. It has a simple and convenient design that collects all goodies inside a few menus which are easy to find and navigate. Connect the program to a host where you can run CCTV Camera and capture the stream. Do many actions on live CCTV Camera images such as resize, rotate and flip them, adjust the contrast and brightness. Apply different effects including negative, gray-scale, sharpen, and soften. Gather all the photos inside a slideshow, scan the graphics and transform them to PDF or TIFF and attach them to an email. Use the motion detection option to monitors a stream for changes inside the video content. This choice can take immediate actions including email notifications, FTP uploads or running an external application.

10. SGS HomeGuard Free

SGS HomeGuard Free is a handy CCTV Camera solution to record videos and capture images with a CCTV Camera and save them to your PC. The primary window of SGS HomeGuard Free has a simple design and shows information including video device name, the total time of work and application start time. You can select between Detection and Watch modes. The first option enables the program to detect motions, record video or take snapshots, and save files to a specific folder. The second mode is useful to save the captured screenshots or the recorded videos at pre-defined intervals of time. Access the ‘Events View’ window from the toolbar or the File menu, it can show recorded videos and captured screenshots. It supports different key shortcuts useful to turn on or off the detection mode, check the connected CCTV camera and open the video capturing filter dialog box.

11. Netcam Studio

Use Netcam Studio to check your office or home with different web cameras and record the streaming ad pre-defined intervals. You can view the live feed on your system or create an HTML code for live streaming. The program has two components, a server having support for four video sources and a client helpful to add network cameras to webcams or special sources having an audio feed. The intuitive and modern interface of Netcam Studio has the main window with two tabs you can toggle including Home and Settings. View the feed captured from webcams in different ways. For every feed display, enable motion, capture footage, and play the stream using VLC. Save particular videos or snapshots to the Library, or synchronize the program to a specific FTP, cloud, or network. Work with a simple scheduler to add actions at specific times. You can set up SMS and email notifications and create new users with custom privileges.

12. TeboCam

TeboCam is a reliable and handy CCTV program that allows you to check your house using a movement-sensitive CCTV security system. TeboCam is a portable program so you can work with it without installation. The intuitive interface includes many tabs, and you can easily use options and configuration settings available. You can add up to 9 IP or USB webcams by inserting user-name, IP address, and password or by choosing the device from a drop-down menu. Activate motion alarm at ever startup, at a user input time or make it inactive. View logs, take snapshots (JPG) when it detects movement and allow the program to set up notifications. Send the photos above as emails, set up the most number of images to include in one message, subject name, and frequency of notifications. Publish web camera photos on a website, view a calendar and turn on or off tooltips.

13. Sentry Vision Security

Sentry Vision Security is simple surveillance and home security application for video recordings of different potential events. It can convert your ordinary CCTV into the primary part of an ambitious system designed for surveillance task. The application allows you to choose the camera, microphone and motion sensitivity. You can choose the video format, quality, largest disk usage in megabytes, audio synchronization and the destination folder. In a broadcast window, you have to enter the internal or external IP addresses alongside the password and port. You can also manage different options including alerts, schedules or time-stamps. The application allows you to intercept photos of different criminal activities. Sentry Vision Security performs a clear job for professionals regarding their office or home security. It helps users on a daily basis by recording videos for later inspection or real-time alarms to their email addresses or mobile phones.

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14. Genius Vision NVR Software CmE

Genius Vision NVR Software CmE is a comprehensive program that can convert your PC, mobile phone or any other machine to a remote video surveillance system. Use it to configure a video surveillance system and check many machines from a single interface. It can work with different camera types to get video input and show it in the primary window. The application’s interface can accommodate 256 cameras on a single display. The interface includes numerous layouts for monitoring the photos. Large institutions with advanced cameras can use it for their security. The supported device list comprises a large range of USB, IP or RTSP cameras and you can configure them individually or group them into channels. The application has a client-server architecture that lets you customize the camera access rights for over one user. User account properties contain the available operations and devices you can access. You can run the program as a Windows service to record the photos without opening or logging in the user interface.

15. C-MOR Security Surveillance VM Software

A straightforward program that gives support for different camera models and works fast inside a virtual machine. It can recognize and work with Panasonic, Sony, Axis or LevelOne cameras. The interesting advantages of C-MOR Security Surveillance VM Software are the video download, the direct video play, and the web interface which manages the cameras remotely, from any computer with an Internet connection. The centralized controls of the program include the numerous features inside a single Package. It can alarm through e-mail, motion-triggered recording and other tools. C-MOR Security Surveillance VM Software will surely meet the needs of more demanding users. You can install and use this application in a different virtual environment including Virtual PC, VMware, VirtualBox, and HyperV. So no one can access your computer or Surveillance System because you are working in a virtual environment.

16. Watcher

Watcher is a lightweight and handy video surveillance application created to detect motion in front of the cameras and then save the events to the Hard Drive of the computer. The application can work with four different cameras at the same time to create a complete home or work surveillance system. Important features of Watcher are automatic video rotation, remote storage of video files, and video compression. Working of Watcher is simple, plug in the USB webcam into your PC and start the program. Specify the save location of the files and hard drive space about GB to use and any other tools you need to use, then click apply. Set the camera you need to use for each video display and turn it on. The application will log the events occurring in the Camera’s field of view. Watcher uses a low-to-moderate amount of computer resources and works fast.

17. ZoneMinder

ZoneMinder is a web-based video camera security and motion capture application. The program gives support for analysis, capture, recording, and monitoring of video data coming from one or more networks or video cameras connected to the computer system. It has a user-friendly Web Interface that enables archival, viewing, review, and deletion of videos and images captured by the webcams. Image analysis of ZoneMinder is highly configurable, allowing the retention of specific events. This application supports both network cameras and directly connected. It enables the elimination of regions that should be ignored. It allows the definition of areas which will alarm if different thresholds are increased in conjunction with other zones. You can work with management control and other tools through the Web Interface of ZoneMinder. The program can define a set of individual zones of varying functionality and sensitivity of each camera.

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