Best Free AI Viewer Software for Windows

Adobe Illustrator Artwork (AI) is a file format created by Adobe Systems for showing single page vector based images and drawings on PDF or EPS formats. Adobe Illustrator uses the .ai extension. You can use this file format to create logos, sketches, typography, icons, and complex illustrations for the web, print, interactive, mobile and video. Only a few applications are present in the market which can easily work with AI format, and these programs are known as AI Viewer software. Here is the list of Best Free AI Viewer Software for Windows. You can use these applications to open and access AI files. Some of these applications provide editing options and facility to convert AI into other file formats. So check out the list and get the program according to your needs.


A user-friendly and handy program to preview AI files, rotate, zoom in or out, and to export them to other formats. The highly intuitive and graphic interface provide functions including rotating or flipping the current file. Adjust the zoom level according to your needs and examine all the photo’s details. If you need to save the current file to another format, you can do it with few clicks. First, specify whether you need to modify the picture’ height and width, then choose the destination directory. Using Free AI VIEWER, export your AI images to many other formats including TIFF, JPG, BMP, and PNG. The minimalistic interface of Free AI VIEWER allows you to view AI files regardless of the version of Adobe Illustrator used to create them. Open AI files using a click of a mouse and convert them to formats supported by numerous graphic programs.

2. FoxPDF Reader

FoxPDF Reader is a simple, light and faster program to open, view, and print PDF files. The application can support more than 50 languages including Spanish, English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, and more. You can use it to open and view AI images. The program facilitates you to PDF documents to other formats such as JPG, TIFF, TIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, and TXT. FoxPDF Reader provides useful options for working with PDF files such as page rotation, zoom in and zoom out, PDF slide show, and full-screen mode. You have the option to browse PDF file in the way just as you display your Microsoft PowerPoint slides. It supports operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 full version. FoxPDF Reader is a lightweight program and does not put a strain on system resources.

3. Inkspace

Inkspace is an open source program that facilitates you to enhance images, overlay layers, add objects, and apply filters. The professional tool helps you to create complex objects and use filters to take the graphic design to an entirely new level. The well-organized and intuitive interface of Inkspace offers fast access to whole options. It is compatible with many file types such as PNG, JPEG, EPS, TIFF, AI, and vector-based formats. Use tools for creating and editing graphic objects such as gradients, markers, paths, shapes, alpha blending, clones, and more. Move and scale objects, edit numerous items and create object groups using a few clicks. Important features of Inkspace are document mapping, Direct XML editing, screen pixel manipulation, bitmap tracing, and node editing. It offers layer support and helps you to apply and edit path effects and perform complex path operations. It provides text editing features including, glyphs, SVG font editor, and multilingual spell checking. Large range of filters enables you to build more unusual graphics.

4. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is an official PDF reader. You can use this program to view Adobe Illustrator (AI) images. It has integration with many web browsers and allows you to print, comment and share files easily. It can open thousands of forms, documents, and manuals. Use the protected mode and other security measures to safely fill in forms and open PDF files with complex objects. Sharing option helps you to send the documents by email using the Adobe SendNow service. Take benefit of some interesting functions by integrating the program with their online services. The simplistic interface of Adobe Reader shows only essential parts and to access all features; you have to open the menus or panels. It supports different reading modes such as a normal or full screen.

5. SumatraPDF

SumatraPDF is a straightforward application that enables you to view CHM, PDF, AI, XPS, and DjVu formats and comic books. It provides support for keyboard shortcuts and different viewing modes. The intuitive interface of SumatraPDF has a plain window where you can import a file using drag & drop support or the file browser. View files properties such as date of creation, file path, file size, PDF procedure and version, the number of pages, and page size. You can change the view to book, facing, full screen, presentation, and others. Rotate the page left or right, zoom in and out, move to a specific page number, and create a favorite list. Change the interface language, print the document, use a search feature, and work with command line arguments and keyboard shortcuts. The “Options” menu helps you to choose the default zoom and layout, remember the current setting for each file, disable the options to display sidebar when available, check for updates automatically and set SumatraPDF as your default PDF reader.

6. Online Google Reader

If you can’t find any application to open and access AI files, then you can use Online Google Reader from Google for this purpose. It provides good quality of images. It allows you to upload AI files on Google drive and access it from any system using the Internet when you need. Add a description and share it without your friends. You can do this by creating a free Google account and importing AI files on Google Drive.

7. PCX Viewer

PCX Viewer is a reliable and comfortable piece of software which can help you to view PCX files and other formats like PSD, TGA, EPS, and AI. Moreover, you have the facility to convert PCX images to other formats like BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and GIF. In addition to PCX format, PCX Viewer has the ability to load PSD, TGA, EPS and AI files. The comfortable interface of PCX Viewer has a single window with well-structured options. The application enables the user to use zoom in or out function, fit the image to the screen and rotate it left or right. The upper part of the window display the height and width and you have the possibility to maximize the window. To convert a file, you have to specify the output directory and file name.

8. GSview

GSview is a comprehensive software program which contains a graphical interface for Ghostscript. GSview is simply an interface that works as an interpreter for the PS files. The PostScript page description language report show how a printed page will look like, however, it does not provide greater detail than a bitmap would. With the help of GSview on your computer, you have the possibility to load and edit files in Portable Document Format such as PS and EPS as well. This program provides you bitmap conversion capabilities, measurements, and conversion to vector functions. In addition, it can help you to extract text and associate it with the PDF and PostScript file types. It allows you to control most of its functions through hotkeys and it is useful when it comes to the viewing options. The Refresh Command “Redisplay” will reload the current view so you can easily view changes.

9. PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer is an advanced PDF Annotator tool that contains comment and markup utilities, link functions, zoom tools, image exportation options, and more. The clean and pleasant interface furnishes you access to all the important features. Now-popular tabbed look helps you to access multiple PDF files in the same window. The program contains an advanced export to image tool that allows the user to save any PDF file as a digital photo with any popular format like PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF. PDF-XChange Viewer has a huge setting menu that contains options regarding every single component like rendering, performance, file association, page display, commenting, forms, identity, snapshots, security and search providers. It contains powerful utilities for PDF users like zoom tools, measuring goodies, markup utilities, and link functions. PDF-XChange Viewer works with a few computer resources and works fast.

10. XnView

XnView is a straightforward application that enables the user to view images as well as convert and arrange them easily. The interface of the application is highly customizable and easy to understand. You have the facility to open multiple images and then simply move from tab to tab. The context menu of the app enables you to start a batch conversion or renaming, move or copy it to a specific folder, send a picture to a friend by e-mail, tag and rate it, set as a wallpaper, and much more. You can convert an image from one format to other format and it supports to common image formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF. Plus, you can add a list of transformations to a set of pictures you are about convert is astounding.

11. GIMP

GIMP is an open source and handy software application with many options and tools for editing. The application contains all necessary and basic elements you’re required to work with pictures. But the interface becomes more difficult if you wish to perform complex operations. You can do everything from the most common tasks to complex operations, just like an array of layers and effects. Moreover, you can apply gradients and custom patterns on a fairly average system using minimal resources and you can accomplish batch processing successfully in short time. You have the facility to retouch digital pictures and create bitmaps from scratch and use the app as an image format converter. In addition, you have the possibility to create animations, view SVG images, adjust hue, contrast, and saturation, insert text strings, and get the advantage of a powerful zooming feature.

12. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a straightforward software application that enables you to create professional-looking images. The application has an intuitive interface that contains an array of options. This interesting program contains all the features require to generate professional looking designs and attractive projects. You can use multiple buttons to perform both basic functions like crop, cut or rotate, as well as advanced ones like clone stamping, color picking, or inserting a new layer. The application has the full keyboard support which enables you to complete all actions by pressing dedicated hotkeys. Its menus contain additional adjustments and effects to enhance any artistic project like invert colors, layer editing, image sketch, distort, blur or sharpen, emboss or even fractals. The application uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

13. Scribus

Scribus is a fully-featured and open-source application designed for creating, designing and exporting DTP projects to PostScript and PDF. The application has a pro-grade interface with a neatly organized structure, enabling you to create a new document from scratch by creating the doc layout, size, width, first page, orientation, height, margin guides, the number of pages, bleeds, text frames, and default measurement unit. Further, you can preview the numerous templates made for grids, brochures, regular and business cards, packing, newsletters, and PDF presentations. Moreover, you can import text, vectors, and images from external files and can export project to text, EPS, PDF, image or SVG format. The application has the facility to save documents with extensions compatible with Scribus, OpenDocument Draw, Encapsulated PostScript, Scalable Vector Graphics, Adobe Illustrator, and Windows Meta File. It enables you to insert render frames, text, tables, image, shapes, lines, polygons, glyphs, space, quotes, characters, and barcodes.

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