10 Best Free Equalizer Software for Windows


Equalization is the way of adjusting the balance between frequency components. In the past, many heavy instruments were used for the equalization process which were known as equalizers. But now this work is quite easy because many popular equalizer applications are present in the market which can perform such tasks in seconds. Now you can modify sound effects in different ways sitting on your computer. You can modify audio by making changes to the audio frequencies. You can use equalizer applications to access audio features just like Environment, Equalizer, Surround, Base Management and much more. A very limited number of Equalizer programs are present on the Internet. But we have managed to find Best Free Equalizer Software programs for and placed them in this article. So check out the best equalizer and apply sound effects to all the system sounds.

Best Free Equalizer Software for Windows for Boosting Sound Quality

1. Viper4Windows

Viper4Windows is a simple to use program that facilitates the user to load custom configurations to his sound card. The user can easily tweak the audio parameters for his audio card with the help of the audio processing object technology. The application provides you the possibility to configure suitable sound settings, for watching movies, music playback or freestyle. Moreover, easily activate or deactivate Viper4Windows.


It is a driver tweak application, enabling you to modify the way your PC renders the sound. It runs in the background constantly, applying the preferred configuration. You can modify different parameters according to the type of sound you are playing. Moreover, configure multiple types of driver, according to the output device. Load a different type of configuration when playing music on speakers or when using headphones.

It supports loading preset parameter configuration. However, you can make your own settings and save them easily. Change the pre- and post- volume measured in decibels. Enable ViPER XBass parameters, IRS Power controller, ViPER XClarity or Cur Tech+. Control the reverberation according to the room size, density, damping, decay expectancy, bandwidth, or pre-delay.


Download: Viper4Windows for Windows

2. Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is a system-wide parametric equalizer that uses a comprehensive technique of adjusting the audio output on your system. It facilitates you to improve the quality and power of your sound. It is a Windows equalizer that does not show a graphic interface. During installation, it allows you to select the audio device you need to install the APO to so you want to know which one you require to enhance. It shows a complete list of connectors, names of devices, and makes you aware, which one supports APO. To configure the parameters of the new equalizer, you have to go to the place where Equalizer APO is installed and access a configuration TXT file. It supports an unlimited number of filters. To add a filter to the equalizer, you have to write in the configuration file. As it works beneath the hood of your OS, it provides prompt results without leaving traces in your system resources.

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Download: Equalizer APO for Windows

3. Realtek HD Audio Manager

Realtek HD Audio Manager is an Audio Management application that provides you a bunch of features for altering sound settings in the stereo mix, speakers, microphone, and line-in. It contains a ten band equalizer set, along with sound effect options having two main categories: Equalizer and Environment. Equalizer comprises bands ranging from 31dB to 16k dB. So you can customize our sound effects and save it for further use. It has a new sound effect, Karaoke, which is useful to maintain the pitch of the track. Push the Reset button to revert to default status. Living Room, Forest, Underwater, Sewer Pipe and many environments presets are present under Environment feature. Choose one, and it will create a sound effect as the same environment. Speaker configuration allows you to configure speakers in three different modes, Quadraphonic, Stereo, and 5.1 speaker. Use the option to Virtual Surround to choose stereo speaker configuration. Room Correction enables you to set the sound effects according to your room.

Download: Realtek HD Audio Manager for Windows

4. DFX Audio Enhancer

DFX Audio Enhancer is a straightforward application that helps you to enhance the sound of the online radio, video, and games. It is an audio enhancement application which uses presets to make a high-quality sound. The program supports every application that plays audio streams, from media players to the Internet browser. The list contains major players in the industry such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Window Media Player, VLC Media Player, Winamp, GOM Player, foobar2000, iTunes or BS.Player. The program facilitates you to monitor and apply its processing during the installation. After that, you can start tuning the audio stream by choosing levels for sound ‘Fidelity,’ ‘3D Surround’, ‘Ambiance’, ‘Hyperbass’ and ‘Dynamic Boost.’ The Spectrum area shows a frequency vu-meter to check for consistency. Easily switch between headphones and speakers, music types and speech. Access the ‘Presets’ menu to pick a collection of predefined settings. The ‘Song Association’ section assists you to match specific songs with the preset of your desire. Moreover, backup and restore your entire preset library using the Archive’ sub-menu. The program provides lots of added quality to the audio sound.

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Download: DFX Audio Enhancer for Windows

5. Graphic Equalizer Studio

Graphic Equalizer Studio is a comprehensive program that assists you to analyze WAV files and change frequency levels. It has a rough interface around the edges and the Enhancer floating panel alongside its related presets. It contains a few factory presets for noise field, speech level, or subwoofer as well as different equalizer modes such as full-duplex, input only, or WAV and MP3 player. Moreover, it has the possibility to make each and every track sound the same. The application provides a better music experience by added true audio reproduction and consistency. Graphic Equalizer Studio is not a simple program; you have to spend a lot of time to set up its presets and master it features.

Download: Graphic Equalizer Studio for Windows

6. RealTime Equalizer

RealTime Equalizer is a reliable program that can perform modifications on audio signals for a good sound experience. It manages sound by adjusting the frequency spectrum during playback. It has a pleasant appearance which contains an array of features. Using the program, you can benefit from 300 channels and equalize audio streams like a professional. Work with the dynamic equalizer to make sounds that are quality-wise superior. Enhance stereo music by using the spatial resurrection feature, which inserts specific effect for an enjoyable experience. Create and store different sound scenarios using presets and use them in other projects or share with your friends. You can save the equalized audio file only if you are working with the Winamp installation. Overall, RealTime Equalizer contains powerful tools to make the sound adjustment fun in real-time.

Download: RealTime Equalizer for Windows

7. DeCiSoft Equalizer

DeCiSoft Equalizer is a comprehensive and user-friendly program that can make the perfect sound of your audio and video files according to your needs. It is a constant-q equalizer with up to +/- 18 dB and 32 bands. It is a plugin which automatically saves the last positions of the sliders. In this way, you don’t need to insert your favorite settings again and again. DeCiSoft Equalizer works with Winamp.

Download: DeCiSoft Equalizer for Windows

8. Redline Equalizer

Redline Equalizer is a straightforward audio equalizer that allows you to get the best audio signal characteristics. The application has intuitive on-screen controls over steepness, overshoot or response curves. It provides a set of features for controlling the characteristics of the output audio signals. It helps you to get precision control over the whole spectrum of your audio files. The interface is similar to analog consoles, with multiple nobs to control audio characteristics. It comprises five fully parametric equalizer bands with up to 60dB of boost. The highpass/lowpass sections carry selectable steepness, and the response curves have adjustable overshoot. The response curves are fully de-cramped, and the phase shift is variable, from 0 to 100%. Redline Equalizer supports automatic leveling and ensures that the user will homogenize the pre or post perceived loudness. Other important features of this program are the customizable gain/Q dependency, impact, dedicated equalization functionality, the built-in spectrum analyzer, and zoomable equalizer response display.

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Download: Redline Equalizer for Windows

9. Bass Treble Booster

Bass Treble Booster is an effective program that provides you control over the audio frequencies of a song to boost or weaken its output. So you can enhance the audio quality of tracks in a simple and efficient way. Increase or decrease the volume using many frequency bands. It has a large band equalizer that you can adjust to shape the audio output. You can freely modify low and high frequencies until you get the best result. It facilitates you to save all equalizer arrangements as presets for later use. After turning the song to perfection, you can export it WAV, FLAC or MP3 format. In addition to changing sound quality, you can use the program to convert multiple tracks simultaneously. Moreover, load whole folders, apply an equalizer profile to the tracks and export them. You can select whether you want to overwrite original tracks or send them to different locations. It supports multiple input formats like FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, APE, AAC, AIFF, M4A, and WMA.

Download: Bass Treble Booster for Windows

10. MaxxAudio

MaxxAudio is an audio enhancement application that allows the user to improve his listening experience by transforming the stereo systems into crisp surround-sound content. It provides an intuitive set of tools to improve the overall sound performance and enjoy favorite tracks. You have the possibility to count bass enhancement, multi-dimensional spatial imaging, full-spectrum equalization, adaptive audio conditioning, intuitive dialog booster, and multi-channel immersion. The stereo-to-surrounding tool employs the UM225/225 audio plugin to get individual audio elements from the content and place them within the surrounding soundscape. Using MaxxAudio, you can tweak and enhance sound on smartphones, laptops, or tablets to enjoy the amazing soundscapes of tracks, movies or games.

Download: MaxxAudio for Windows

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