9 Best CDR Editors for Windows


The CDR extensional files are usually created in Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or software like these. The .cdr file is a drawing made using this software with High Editing Capability, Resolution and consists of fantastic Graphics. Sometimes, these files get corrupted by Virus, Sending over the internet or if they have been on your system for too long without any protection.

In this case, the data in the file gets altered and becomes inaccessible or unusable. For this, there are CDR Editors in the market now to repair and open those corrupted files. These software are also usable for those people who cannot afford Corel Draw or any other official Raster Graphical Editor because the software is free to use.

These software can automatically repair any broken file and can open them in a GUI user interface so that the user not only can open it but can edit the data also. In case of a problem like this, we have provided you with a list of available working free software list from which you can choose any to get your work started. Take a look at the list and get your problems solved in a matter of time.


1. Open Office

Open Office is a free and open-source CDR Editor that assist businesses in managing thing writing projects, streaming their documents management tasks and manipulate data easily. It is a complete pack and comes with all tools and features that help you to complete your work efficiently.

The software is also best to transfer data and information between its tools, and the tools also share a common spell check that they can update and synchronize across all tools. There is also has a drawing feature that helps businesses to draw sketch, plans, and diagrams effortlessly.

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Download: Windows

2. CDR Editor


CDR Editor is a simple ASN.1 viewer and editor. It readily supports all Windows and has lots of features to edit ASN.1 files. The CDR format is one of the ASN.1 type formats, so it also supports CDR and is good to use for CDR files too.

CDR Editor has Built-in FTP, SFTP client and file search (remote, local) for adding a file(s) and some more mesmerizing features to work with. The software can be easily downloaded and installed because it is low in size and free.

Download: Windows

3. Portable SView 5 SDK

Portable SView 5 SDK is also a fully-loaded free software which can let you get your work done quickly and efficiently. The software has many professional functions for professionals as well as a simple user so that the user gets what he requires from the software.

Portable SView 5 SDK is cross-platform software and offers a 3D stereoscopic view to view your 3d images and videos also. It is a great support to see your .cdr files and edit them because of having so many accessible features.

Download: Windows

4. Corel Paint Shop Pro

Corel Paint Shop Pro (PSP) is a raster and vector graphics editor made by Jasc Software. The software is very versatile and can perform multiple functions like Free Drawing, Converting an Image File, Create Layered projects and much more.

You can download additional plugins for the software to increase its features and compatibility. Corel Paint Shop Pro has two main versions in which one is a free trial version, and one is the ultimate full version. In both versions, essential features are unlocked and you can use them freely.

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Download: Windows

5. Libre Office

Libre Office is a simple yet powerful document management software that allows you to create, edit, and save XLS spreadsheets, PowerPoint files, and Word document files to the cloud. It is a complete solution and designed for all sizes of businesses.

One of the best facts about this solution is that it allows you to access your applications through the web browser. Its online solution helps you quickly create and edit files of any format. To enhance its functionality, Libre Office integrates with all the leading document management solutions, including Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and PowerPoint, etc.

Download: Windows

6. Inkscape

Inkscape is one of the best freely available software which is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Xara X. The software is pretty popular because it gives all of the features of that paid software and has a very user-friendly interface.

You can Free Draw, Create Layered work, Transform Objects and so much more using this software. You can also print labels in it if used professional because of its tools. Having all these features, the best part is that the software is free and can be easily downloaded from its official website. The link is given below!

Download: Windows

7. CDR Open File Tool

Open File Tool is a big community which offers software or various type in both free and paid versions. The company guarantees satisfaction and its software are very reliable. Open File Tools has made a simple CDR File Opening Tool to open your any .cdr format file successfully.

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The software automatically repairs your damaged Corel Draw file with just one click and opens your file as there was nothing like a problem. It critically improves the file without even leaving a trace of fixing.

Download: Windows

8. Thunderbird

ThunderBird is created by Mozilla Corporation and is regarded as one of the best software in the category. The software is a mesmerizing software and extends to a lot of fields. In this software, you can Open and Edit your .cbr files, Send and Receive e-mails, Send Scheduled E-mails and more.

The software comes built-in in Ubuntu systems an can be installed on any other device through the setup. The software is cross-platform and works well with all devices.

Download: Windows

9. Libre Office

Libre Office is a complex productivity suite that enables the user to create text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets and manage draw and databases. It contains different components to help the user for processing their spreadsheets, documents, drawing, presentations, formulas, and databases.

It supports the Microsoft Office format, so you have the facility to open and edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. LibreOffice Impress tool is helpful for designing and customizing slideshows and presentations. While it also supports text messages, charts, diagrams and multimedia backgrounds.

LibreOffice Draw tool allows the user to create simple and intricate designs for exporting to common graphic formats. further, you can open and view popular VSD files using this piece of software. The user can use it to view CorelDraw images. You can access LibreOffice when you want to explore the contents of database files or connect to external multi-user database engines just like PostgresSQL, MySQL, Adabas D or MS Access.

Download: Windows

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