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The only thing that is given respect by everyone nowadays is Time, as it once passes never came back. We all are quite well aware of the importance of time. Calendars are used from the prehistoric times by the ancient people for detecting the time and keeping them aware of the age in which they are living. From the ancient times, calendar keeps on modifying. After passing a range of development stages, it is now between us as its latest and modern form. People from different regions of the world tend to use various kinds of calendars based upon their own cultural and religious beliefs. The most commonly used and worldwide accepted calendar is the Gregorian calendar. Pope Gregory XIII proposed it in October 1582. After passing through various modification stages, the calendar now we all use is the Gregorian calendar’s modern form. Following the time and keeping notified of the events is way much more easy and simple in today’s modern era as there are numerous calendar apps available on the smart gadgets and devices that are quite smart regarding working. They always keep the users aware of the events by notifying them and reminding them. In short, they work as task managers as well as event planners. Some of the best calendar apps for iOS with multiple features are mentioned is this list.

1. Easy Calendar

East Calendar is an amazing and astounding calendar app which let the users make the things in their particular way as it is the best and most recommended calendar app for replacing the stock calendar of iOS. Although the native iOS calendar app does possess quality based features people surely need things to get changed and prefer if they get more handy and attractive at the same time. Easy Calendar is a glorious outlook based quite alluring calendar app for iOS that is created and proposed by T.van Zummeren. The app is completely customizable ranging from 0 to 10. Every mode, theme and all other things of the app are customizable, and the users can set them according to their desire and requirement. The app provides stream less and astounding view of the dates and all other calendar components. The app gives a perfect and more charming overview of the whole week. The user can shift the native events that were previously created in the native calendar app on their iOS device to this app for an even overview. The users can sync their calendar stuff and info of events now directly with various platforms such as iCloud, Outlook, etc. This app costs $1.99 and can be downloaded from the Apple app store for both iPhone and iPad.


2. Google Calendar: Make the most of every day

For the users who are new to the iOS devices and previously were using Android devices are even attached to the features and functionality of Android, this very app lets them feel like home even on the iOS. This app is the world famous and renowned master blaster Calendar app that is developed and proposed as a master product of Google Inc. Like all the rest products of Google, this tremendous app is also very much awesome and effectual regarding effectiveness and usage. It surely led the ultimate top notch legacy of Google Inc. This calendar app from Google is the native calendar app for Android and is already used by millions of users both Android and iOS from all around the globe for meeting the extreme modern standards of life. The app enables the users to view the dates with different and initiative way as suitable to the users specifically. Now the users need not worry about their Gmail event anymore, as the app let them be on the top by sync up quickly all of their events automatically. There is a new and unique mode of setting the goals; the users can add their personal goals to that section and will keep notified by the app about the goal and its deadline as well. iOS users can download this calendar app free from the Apple app store.


3. Informant – Agenda, Tasks, Notes Planner

The informant is a real tremendous potential based multiple functionality apps that perform a variety of different functions and that too quite brilliantly and efficiently. Now the users do not have to look up for different apps for planning their events, one for taking frequent notes, other managing the tasks and plans of the users and a separate one of for the calendar. All the features mentioned above are included this astounding and master quality app that enables the users to relax and tension free as it will provide them an extreme level of master quality ease. This all in one sort of Calendar app is developed and proposed as a product By Fanatic Software, Inc. and It can be downloaded free of cost from the Apple App Store for the iOS based devices. The app is equally compatible with all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and even the iPod touch. The app also has an immense compatibility to the Apple watch as well; it provides real-time notifications and pop-up messages on the smart gear about the events and various other reminders so that the users never miss a single of them. The users can subscribe for some supreme additional features offered by the app by paying $1.99 for a month and $14.99 for a year.


4. Timepage – Calendar by Moleskine

Timepage is another brilliant and premium quality app that will surely change the concept of calendar near you. The app has the latest features and multiple functionality based calendar that is way much more alluring and awesome in all terms as compared to the native calendar apps. The app is already quite famous and popular among thousands of iOS users in every part of the world. The app has ranked as the number 1 productivity app in the top 25 most famous countries of the world. Timepage is remarkable calendar app regarding modernization and has totally introduced a whole new dimension for the calendar apps being a pioneer. The app once when installed ask for the sync permission from the user at it automatically links with all the rest apps present on the user’s iOS device and masterly collaborate with them making things much more simple and easy for the user. No matter if you forgot to add the reminder of any event, the app will itself get to know about if there is any even coming and will keep the user aware of them. The users are now remarkably fast and can never miss an important event courtesy this great calendar app. The app is available for download on the Apple app store for $4.99.


5. UpTo Calendar

UpTo Calendar is another old and amazing calendar app that is being used by thousands of iOS users from quite a long time. The app is that much used on iOS-based devices that it seems like it is the official calendar app or is pre-installed on the devices. The users can now rapidly and conveniently sync their different kinds of calendar based stuff such as events and much more other things with the Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, etc. This marvelous app is ranked among the top notch calendar apps on various performance based websites and is highly recommended by its users as well. There are various kinds of calendars that are offered inside the app, and the users can access them according to their specific preference. Other than the sync options the app also provides additional features of changing the themes and overall outlook of the app and can customize setup by the users on their own. The app is free of cost available on the Apple App store, and it can be download for all the iOS devices.


6. Cal – Shared Calendar, Daily Organizer, Weekly Planner

Cal is another simple kind of multiple functionality apps that can be used by users for fulfilling their various needs. The app works tremendously well as a full-fledged calendar app and a complete week planner, task manager and to-do list organizing app. Creating and adding an event in a calendar was never that easy and simple as this very app enables the users to add the events instantly. This alluring calendar app welcomes the users with a motivational image at the start of the day so that they can remain to boost up and motivated throughout their day. Planning is way much more simple and initiative with easy to use controls and tools of the app. The app is developed and proposed as a product of Any.DO Inc. It is available in the Apple App Store for free of cost.


7. Calendars 5 – Daily Planner and Task Manager

Calendars 5 is the worldwide famous calendar app that almost every iOS user is aware of its abilities. The main three things that the users are concerned about are the task managers, support of their native language and the third one is compatibility of the app with the other devices. Regarding all above mentioned stances, the app heroically stands out well and is successful for providing all the basic stuff to its users. The users can now add unlimited events to their apps and can manage their multiple tasks at the same time. This calendar app is highly customizable and enables its users to view the calendar is various modes according to their specific preference. The custom interface of the app is quite amazing display all the day, week and month on the screen devices so that the user can be aware of them each. Furthermore, it can be changed too by the user. The app works seamlessly well and amazing even when offline too. This calendar app is developed and proposed by Readdle. It costs $6.99 on the Apple App store. It is compatible with all the iOS based devices including iPhone, iPad, and even iPod touch.


8. Fantastical 2 for iPhone – Calendar and Reminders

Fantastical 2 is the best and most widely liked calendar and reminder app as compared to all the rest similar kind of apps present in the market. It is ranked as top class calendar widget and event organizer app on various performance based charts all around the globe. Despite getting myself biased about it, the app is a real winner app that surely has the edge over all the rest calendar apps for iOS. As the name of the app states it as fantastic, it is in really fantastic regarding functionality and immense quality modes. This supreme level feature enriched app is developed and proposed by Flexibits Inc. The unique and inspiring features of the app includes the potential support of home screen widget. The calendar widget of the app is also proposed for display in the latest iOS update, which increases the convenience level of the app even more. The users can customize set up the reminders and manage their daily tasks with the to-do lists provided within the app. The app costs $3.99 on the Apple App Store and is compatible with all the iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.


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