10 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives

Adobe Flash Player allows its users to attain high-quality content on their computer or website. It is mainly designed to add multiple contents on web pages such as animation, video, and images, etc. Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers labeled it as Shockwave Flash.

It supports many operating systems and web browsers like Windows, Linux, Mac, Firefox and Google Chrome, etc. This player is used to view multimedia, streaming audio and video, and also in executing rich internet applications. Macromedia has developed it but later on, adobe acquired it and gave it the name “Adobe Flash Player”.

By using this, developers can resize, extremely small and compact navigational interfaces and animations. It uses the extension of .swf for flash files, .flv for flash videos, .fla for flash application and .gif for graphic interface format.

No programming skill is required to operate it as Macromedia already makes it more compatible that it has the ability to compete with their competitor HTML. It can compete with HTML in many aspects as it is vector-based and can load movies faster and can save it on download time, unlike HTML.

To integrate the desktop application with mobile application Adobe Flash Player uses the function of Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). AIR basically integrates Windows operating systems (Linux, Windows, macOS) with mobile operating systems (iOS and Android).

Why Users Want Adobe Flash Player Alternative

Adobe Flash Player has many advantages and has been providing its services since 1996. Other software related to it is introduced in the market day by day with advanced features. It try to compete with them but failed and at last there comes the EOL (End of Life) of Adobe Flash player.

It uses the Flex and PureActionScript applications to design any game and flash player application. In both of these applications, the developer has full access to flash player functions that include text, bitmap graphics, video, audio, camera, microphone, and vector graphics, etc.

Adobe stopped supporting the Flash on 31st December 2020 and block its content on 12th January 2021. HTML5 completely replaces it as it allows both the functions of playing audio and video within the webpage. As Adobe stop sending security updates to flash so it is recommended to delete it and move to other alternatives of Adobe Flash Player.

10 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives

Adobe Flash is the platform for creating content on the website and streaming audio and video files. It is developed by Macromedia and it discontinued its services on 16 January 2021. It is totally replaced by HTML5 dues to its advanced features.

It is a vector animation and graphic software in order to create animations and graphics for the web. It supports the feature of Rich Internet Application, Concurrency, Vector, and Raster Graphics, GPU Optimization, and Steaming Protocol. Many alternatives are available in the market that can be used in place of Adobe Flash Player.

1. Ruffle

Ruffle is a Flash player emulator that is written in Rust programing language. It is used as a standalone application for modern operating systems. It supports modern web browsers through the use of HTML 5 and WebAssembly. It works not exactly Adobe Flash Player but has the capability to replace it.

It is available free of cost on the internet and works as an open-source alternative for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is easy to use and install and users mainly download its web version so that existing flash content will be available to use without any extra configuration.

The ruffle media player will automatically “Polyfill” the existing flash content and allow flawless services on the website. It is considered an open-source project that is controlled by participants. If a user wants to run flash content without a browser it provides support by allowing their native languages to take full access to GPU and system resources.

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  • Emulation
  • Based on Adobe Flash Player
  • Plugin Extensions
  • Support Latest Version of Flash


  • Secure Flash Player Emulator
  • Regularly Updated
  • Operated without Browser
  • Easy to Install


  • No Linux OS Support
  • Rust Programing Language
  • Difficult to Understand

2. Gnash

Gnash is another software that can be used in place of Adobe Flash Player. It contains GNU flash player plugins that help in running audio, video, multimedia applications, and ActionScript. It is available in two different versions one as a standalone desktop app and the other as a plugin of a browser.

It is also an open-source project like the ruffle and is placed under FSF (Free Software Foundation). It is written in C++, GTK+/QT languages. It supports the operating system of Linux, BSD, and Windows.

It supports the features of SWF v7, v8, and v9 and does not support SWF v10 that’s the reason its latest version has not been updated for the last ten years. It does not provide regular updates unlike Adobe Flash Player and Ruffle.

It provides the features of sample extensions and Extension of ActionScript classes through shared libraries, unlike Adobe Flash Player. It also supports FLV videos and SWF files like Adobe Flash Player.


  • Embeddable
  • Standalone Player for Desktop
  • Plugins for Web Browser
  • XML Message Server
  • SWF v7+ compliant


  • High-Quality Output
  • Better Security
  • Extensible
  • Free to Use
  • Open Source Extension


  • No ActionScript Support
  • Difficult Programing Language
  • No Support for SVF V10

3. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is the unique and fastest alternative to flash player. It is a web game preservation project that is used to preserve as many games as possible so that online games and animations do not disappear with the passage of time and mostly functions as a storage element for online games.

It is also an open-source project and without compromising the security issue user can freely pay for its media content efficiently. It supports the integration of Apache and the safe flash player alternative and provides a user-friendly interface that anyone can easily operate and understand.

It has the ability to work in different integrated browsers and is mostly compatible with different APIs. By using this platform, users can play online media content efficiently without any interruption. It helps the flash player to run over 2400 animations on 13 different varied platforms hence it can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Adobe Flash Player.


  • HTTP Support
  • RTMP Streaming Support
  • Zipping of Legacy Games
  • Flashpoint Launcher Translator
  • Linux and Mac Tester


  • Preserve Thousands of Games
  • Flash Content Accessibility
  • Free to Install
  • Files Backup Option


  • Does Not Support All Files
  • Need Huge Storage Space

4. LightSpark

LightSpark is another powerful and open-source flash player which supports the web browser of chrome, firefox, and other browsers. It performs better than others as it supports embedded video support for the ease of users.

It is absolutely feasible for users and was released under the LGPLv3 (Lesser General Public License Version 3). It is compatible with the Windows and Linux Operating System and its plugin browser is written in the form of C++ and C Language.

It works like Adobe Flash Player and has the ability to run flash APIs on a user’s device without any interruption. It offers the facility to be compatible with H.264 flash videos on YouTube and its latest version 0.8.3 was released in July 2020.

Opera and Google Chrome extensions can also be installed by using Lightspark. It can be considered as malicious software which automatically detects other adware and malware threats when another program is installed on the computer.


  • Built-in Adobe Flash Player
  • Based on Flash Player
  • Windows Compatible
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Opera Extension


  • Compatible with Windows OS
  • Supports C++ Programming Language
  • Allows Code Editing
  • Free to Use
  • Open Source Program


  • Slow Speed Software
  • Only Support SEF files
  • Bugged SWF Files

5. SWF & FLV Player

SWF & FLV Player is the flash player that has the ability to play, rewind, pause and forward the Flash videos and movies. Other functions can be performed by this like playing the videos frame by frame, zooming movie in or out, setting playback quality, and many more. It is available free of cost and is designed by Eltima Software.

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It allows the users to create and manage the playlist and users can play random items or repeat the whole playlist according to their demand. PRO version of this player is also available but with some reasonable fee and it allows its users to download online Flash movies to the user’s hard drive.

It shows the detailed information of the movie as size, SWF version, frame rate font size, pictures, and sounds, etc. It can also be used to test interactive animations by disabling the “dragging mode” of the animation. It supports the Mac operating system only that helps the users to reproduce it according to their demand.


  • Play Flash
  • Resume Playback
  • Music Library


  • Provides SWF and FLV Files
  • Friendly Interface
  • Support Screen Captured
  • Image Creation
  • Free Version Available


  • Only Support MAC System
  • Less Maturity
  • Limited in Function
  • Restricted Free-Version Features

6. Photon Flash Player and Browser

Photon Flash Player and Browser is the application of flash player which helps to play flash media file online on a smartphone. It is the only tool that runs flash content online and also enhances the browsing features of the iPhone and iPad. Facebook games are supported by Flash apps by using remote cloud browser mode.

It offers the facility of playing music and reading the news by using Flash Player. Zoom in a flash, private browsing history, brightness control for nighttime control and audio supports all are included in the features of Photon Flash player and browser.

It supports the Android operating system to take the features of browser to next level. It helps Photon Flash player to execute any flash content on any browser or any platform. It is a lightweight alternative to Adobe Flash Player and is also used to support SWF and flash content on different websites.


  • Rotation Lock for Web-Based Games
  • Personalize Browser
  • Share Content through Email
  • Print Web Support for AirPrint
  • Bookmarks Support


  • Support Flash Apps and Games
  • Browse Flash Websites
  • Secure to Use
  • Access Blocked Sites by VPN


  • Lags on Android
  • Slow Contact Support
  • Ads in Free Version

7. CheerpX for Flash

CheerpX for Flash is another alternative to Adobe Flash Player that can be used as a Flash Player Emulator. It can be used in place of Adobe Flash Player even now the support of Flash Player has been discontinued. It is mostly used to preserve the application of Adobe Player and save these applications from being destroyed.

Adobe Flash runtime, CheerpX, and HTTP hosting are the main three components of CheerpX. To run the flash applications, it only needs B2B and B2C applications and it does not require any other additional software component.

It is easy to integrate on any HTML page and works on different browsers in order to reduce the risk of keeping a legacy browser running. HTML5 sandboxing is used to improve its safety as compared to the original Flash Player. It is mainly powered by WebAssembly and has compatible with ActionScript 3.


  • Word Wrapping
  • Unicode Support
  • Plenty of Customized Options
  • Inline and Block-level Tags
  • HTTP Hosting


  • Free to Use
  • 100% Flash Compatible
  • Ability to Run Major Browsers
  • Allows API Access
  • Support ActionScript


  • Issues in Loading
  • No Available on Linux OS

8. Shubus Viewer

Shubus Viewser allows the users to create their texts and HTML pages, edit them, and can run Flash Application. It has the ability to integrate with major web browsers, search engines, and email clients. It provides the facility to run Unity3D games and Adobe Shockwave games.

The picture and font size of the text can be changed with one click and arrows keys can be used to move selected text blocks. It is used for the automatic detection of RTL languages and many common encodings.

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It is a lightweight tool that is used to view any Flash-based content on HTML5 pages, videos, animations, and games. By using this tool, users will be able to browse a list of encoding modes and a drop-down menu is used to explore multiple options in it.

Base64 encode and decode along with its URL is available in order to do Web Encoding. Low CPU and RAM will be used here to work properly because it has a little bit of effect on computer performance.


  • Adobe Shockwave Games
  • Automatic Tabulation
  • Encoding for Saving
  • Reading Text
  • Automatic Detection of RTL


  • Integrated Flash Player
  • Play Unity Games
  • Able Free on Internet
  • Multi-functional


  • Does not Support Every Browser
  • Limited in Some Area
  • Poor Customer Support

9. Supernova Player

Supernova is one of the best alternatives for the flash player as it allows the users to play SWF files on any browser and platform. It covers all the aspects of Flash player from playing games to high-resolution videos and adds many more features in streaming the video.

It is basically used to open a web browser with the specification of a PC. Moreover, it also has the ability to open SMF files from the internet. It provides access to thousands of online game websites so that users will be able to use it anywhere. To use on the Google browser an extension is available for this.

It offers access to web destinations so that user can play their favorite games forever. It includes many security features, unlike Adobe Flash Player in order to protect its users from viruses. The performance of this software remains the same rather than being used at any desired location over the internet.


  • Supports SWF Files on Browser
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • High Security
  • Browser with PC Specification


  • Secure from Virus and Threats
  • Operate on Different Browsers
  • Standalone Player
  • Easy Accessible


  • Does Not Support All Systems
  • Compatible Issue with Browser
  • Issues in Detecting Programs

10. Lunaspace

It is a web browser that is used to run any flash-based web or content on the browser. As there exists flash content on the website and it will not open without the support of flash player so for this Lunaspace browser plays an important role and works at the place of Flash Player.

It is easily compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android devices. It is known as the multi-engine web browser that has the ability to handle all the tasks of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome.

It provides great help for web developers and designers as it is capable of supporting three different web engines at the same time. Three levels of quality are available in it as Low, Medium, and High which are used to increase or decrease the quality of animation. It also includes the feature of Cascade View in order to view three different web pages at the same time.


  • Browsing Feature
  • Cascade View
  • Add-On Support
  • Ad Blocker
  • Privacy Protection
  • Longer Battery Life


  • Supports Multiple Web Engines
  • Fast Loading
  • Low on Resources
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Password Protected


  • Lack Some Basic Features
  • Slow Initial Launch
  • Configure Issues


Although, Adobe Flash Player was rich in its features it discontinued its services on 12th January 2021. It was replaced by HTML 5 because it contains both the features of playing audio and video inside the webpage easily.

Many of the flash content is still there on the internet and in order to use this content alternative to Adobe Flash Player is used. Adobe Flash Player is the software for creating content on the website. It is also used for the execution of rich-internet applications and in the streaming of audio and video content.

Flash Player alternatives are being and we conclude that Lunascape is one of the best alternatives among them as it has the capability of handling three search engines Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer at the same time.